Augmented Reality in Tourism Industry and the Pokémon GO’s predecessor

The Augmented Reality is experiencing an exponential growth in tourism industry. Largely, this is happening because of the Pokémon GO phenomenon. This app has demonstrated not only the huge potential of this technology, but how easily the Augmented Reality ‘gamifies’ daily activities. After all, who doesn’t like play and enjoy?

Two years ago, we launched the project Diana and Jonas. This was our first Augmented Reality app for the Tourism Industry in collaboration with ‘La Hoya de Huesca’ and Queteo. Setting aside the differences, we can describe this project as the predecessor of the Pokémon GO phenomenon. In both cases, the key element is the gamification, which compel the user to move around his/her environment to activate new content and carrying on with the game.

Un exemple de Réalité Augmentée dans le secteur touristique avec trois animaux marins sur une tablette et plusieurs dessins

The touristic app Diana and Jonas offers a more completed and rewarding experience than the Niantic’s one. The differences lie in two key points:

– Numerous game modes. Unlike the only dynamic included in the Pokémon app (throw a Poke ball to catch the creature), Diana and Jonas includes 24 different game modes. Some examples of the wide range of activities included in this tourism Augmented Reality app are completing the words, matching the pairs or answering questions related with the environment.
– Educational content. The main objective of the Diana and Jonas app is to teach parents and kids -in a fun way- about the region in which the experience takes place.

The result of our work is an innovative app which, together with Pokemon GO, introduces the Augmented Reality in Tourism Industry. A good example is the award won by Diana and Jonas in the last FITUR edition. This is one of the most important tourist exhibition at the national and international level. Our Augmented Reality tourism app was awarded as the best mobile app in the ‘tour guide’ category. The prize shows how important is going to be the ‘gamification concept’ for the next years in this sector.

“Entertainment must be adapted to fit with those kids who use e-devices from earliest age”

Diana and Jonas is not the only Augmented Reality project with these characteristics. The app Barcy by Chromville, that imascono developed for Barceló Hotels, is another success story of new technology applied in the tourism sector. In this case, the main objective was digitized one of the children’s animation activity offer in the company hotels. We can’t forget we are living the digital native’s era. Entertainment must be adapted to fit with those kids who use e-devices from earliest age, in the same way we see on this funny video. Children have become the gateway to turn families into recurring clients of this kind of technology.

Image d’une mère et sa fille qui visitent avec des images de l’application touristique Diana y Jonás

Barcy by Chromville app is based on the Augmented Reality technology of Chromville. It is made by a series of templates ready to be colored. Pointing to the coloring page with the smartphone or tablet, the elements come alive in 3D. The Augmented Reality experience reflects the colors with which the kids have colored the 2D illustration. The educational content included in the Barcy by Chromville app is related with the water world inherent in the Barceló Hotels workaday.

This Augmented Reality app helps children learning how hydroelectric power is produced or what important is preserving the sea water, among another nature knowledge. As a complement of the project, it was developed an Augmented Reality experience associated to a tee with the main character (Barcy) illustration. This work was made in collaboration with Ocio Konsulting, a marketing agency specialized on the hotels sector.

“Pokemon GO has shown the tourism industry the great potential of Augmented Reality attracting clients to their cities and hotels”

Returning to the matter, Pokemon GO is just the first stone of the inclusion of Augmented Reality in Tourism Industry. Its promising future has been proved by the billions of people worldwide walking around the street catching these famous creatures. More and more companies are realizing about the importance of using this technology to reinforce their brand-client relationship. After all, how many private properties have been ‘forced’ for catching a Pokemon?

If you are interested on applying the Augmented Reality in Tourism projects, don’t hesitate and contact with us. We analyze your situation identifying the best option for your clients, to get your company goals.

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