The Fashion Evolution of the Technology Future

Technology has become our future. Technology lovers might not connect fashion to technology right way. Techies and Fashionistas, think about it. Connect technology and fashion and the outcome might not be as strange as you think. It might even be one of your most creative and innovative ideas. This is Fashion Evolution.

A year ago I was visiting a fashion and art museum. There was a model wearing nothing but a plain, tight beige dress. But when I scranned the Augmented Reality code the dress turned in this amazing sparkling gala dress. Some say that technology is immersing so much in our everyday life that in the ‘future’ these plain beige, white or grey clothing will be the only thing that we would be wearing. Technology will create the outfit.

Lets create a scenario, imagine the world in 10 years. We could all be walking around with our phone in our hand that immediately scans what someone is ´wearing´ in the Virtual World. Or, a more likely option, we will all walk with AR-glasses. Obviously, they will be designed in a more ‘outer-wearable’ or ‘fashionable’ way. Maybe, just maybe, the high-tech contacts will finally be on the market, with the same capabilities as the AR-glasses for everybody to wear. This way we have our virtual fitting room in front of our eyes.

The Augmented Reality in retail has evolved so much since then, it seems like fashion has entered in a new dimension

Now, of course, you find Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality fashion everywhere. You find immersed on clothes, in stores, fitting rooms and magazines.  A great example is the Virtual Reality fashion show Topshop created during the London Fashion week two years ago. It was a fashion show in the middle of the store by using Virtual Reality. Just another example of this fashion evolution.

Top Shop clients enjoying the Virtual Reality show

There are two campaigns that I  still remember. For that time Augmented Reality retail campaigns were an innovation. In 2010 Hugo Boss came up with the first interacting front shopping experience, it was mind blowing at the time. Hugo Boss gave a whole new meaning to window shopping in London and become the example of Fashion Evolution. The theme was Black Magic, to create a synergy with the brand. The Augmented Reality experience was used inside and outside the store. The customers could use their trigger card to have an interactive experience with a fashion show.

The second Augmented Reality retail stunt that I recall was the Adidas Originals 3D Game Pack. Adidas´ most famous designs were designed to include the Augmented Reality label on it. The owner of the shoe could screen the Augmented Reality code. That was placed on the tongue of the shoe, with the webcam of a computer and the Adidas 3D neighborhood would unfold. It was cool and very innovative for the sneaker community.

Augmented Reality experience launched by Adidas

As technology is the future, fashion is the evolution

This blending of technology and fashion does not suppose a great novelty for imascono, due to the fact that the company has been developing Augmented Reality fashion tees for the last five years. Some of the projects imascono did are Alive Animals, Be a Hero or Brosmind, tees collections that revealed Augmented Reality figures when using a scanning device and Imascono’s app.

Thus, this piece of news, of other firms carrying out similar fashion designs based on technology, is nothing but something to be proud of, as we feel as pioneers in this field. But, who knows, maybe in a couple of years, months, days (or even hours), we’ll decide returning to our grassroots with another breathtaking project. Just in case, track us.

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