Photos 360 and Augmented Reality in Architecture

This Project is more than an example of the application of Augmented Reality and photos 360 in Architecture. This is a symbol of Imascono evolution together with some of our earliest friends. In this article we will back to the roots!

We have worked with plenty of people and companies since we took our first steps as Augmented and Virtual Reality developers. Nowadays, lot of them has become close friends with who we keep a personal and professional relationship. This project is a great example of that.

The main goal of the job was clear: promote the Zaragoza Activa (ZAC) ecosystem.  ZAC is a big building in our city (Zaragoza, Spain), where it is place -among other helpful services-, the business incubator that we were born. This is a place where business, entrepreneurial and social activities come together in the most creative way.

3D model of a building included in a Augmented Reality. It includes photos 360 with information of its daily work

This Augmented Reality and photos 360 project was conceptualized together with two of our collaborating companies: the architectural studio Matmata and the design studio Detalier. Matmata’s team was in charge of creating the 3D building model. This is a scale 3D model which allows the visitor at a glance, to understand the past and present of this structure.

For its part, the design studio Detalier leaded the creation of a detailed infographic about the background of the place. The infographic shows the exponential growth of users, activities, startups and awards won by Zaragoza Activa, as well as the great and beneficial impact that this project has had in the city’s society since the beginning.

Panoramic picture of a series of photos 360 taken in the Zaragoza Activa building

Imascono was in charge of developing the Augmented Reality experience where the elements created by the other two companies are blended. Pointing to the Detalier’s infographic with the imascono app, the 3D model structure comes alive on the device screen. Once the building has appeared, the visitor just has to move to the sideways to see it from different perspectives.

The photos 360 reinforces the inclusiveness of the Augmented Reality experience

Our team took also the photos 360 which can be found once the visitor start interacting with the Augmented Reality experience. This is a series of pictures taken from different areas of the building. These photos 360 show the day by day of the Zaragoza Activa project, letting everybody feel part of this creative and dynamic ecosystem.

Certainly, Architecture is the perfect market to take advantage of the Augmented Reality and photos 360 benefits. This technology is totally welcomed in the interior design sector, spatial conception, structures preview or quality control, among others. We are facing a new virtual world which will accelerate and make easier the daily work of every architectural studio worldwide. Wanna be part of this revolution?

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