Pokemon GO: how to keep a worldwide phenomenon alive

The Augmented Reality app launches this week a Halloween Campaign for Halloween where reminds the world why they are still the most fashionable game. And, in Imascono we seize the opportunity to analyze the first months of life of this worldwide phenomenon.

This is a good week for Pokemon GO fans. The Niantic team has launched a Halloween’s exciting campaign that promotes the capture and improvement of the scariest Pokemon of the first generation. In addition, all the actions realized by the player multiply their number of candies, incentive that will end by encouraging many people to go for a walk. This innocent and entertaining action hides a thought and worked marketing strategy which presents a great challenge: to keep Pokemon Go as one of the apps from the moment and recover the maximum volume of lost audience from the end of the summer.

Let’s throwback four months behind, Niantic and Nintendo launched Pokemon GO after almost a year of intense waiting. The application provokes a world commotion without precedents. The whole world wants to try this new video game that forces you to go out to the street and works with “something” named Augmented Reality. The mass media echo their pros and cons, the company shares raise and the first anecdotes start joining the fray.

In only a few weeks, Pokemon GO is proclaimed the most downloaded app of the history of Apple Store. Behind it leaves giants like Whatsap, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat or even Candy Crush Saga, all of them impassive to such stampede. But, as the saying goes, “what goes up must come down”. Pokemon GO starts losing followers by leaps and bounds. Only one month and a half after its launch, Pokemon GO registers a fall of 12 of 45 million active users. For September, this app of Augmented Reality already has lost in The United States 80 % of his users of payment. The change of course makes the alarm sound and the whole world starts questioning the permanence of this supposed world phenomenon.

Three examples of mobil devices with the interface of the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon GO.

And then the calm arrives. Yes, what happened with Pokemon GO is common. After the boom of its launch (where even the most sceptical download the application), the occasional players and the curious have quit the game. For their side, and after the correspondent “pig-out”, the fanatics of this world full of fantastic creatures have started controlling their pockets. Something that was expectable in an app that managed to register earnings of 16 million dollars daily.

Pokemon GO is still one of the most rentable apps

Currently, Pokemon GO has become stable in downloads and profitability, with a few earnings that reach an average of 2 million dollars daily. In addition, it’s necessary to bear in mind the benefits that are registered out of this game. The sale of video games, felt and merchandising has gone off in the whole world more than 200 %. Once this first phase has been past, the moment has arrived: Niantic has focused in getting the most of its creation. The first example we are living through it this week. The Halloween’s global event appears as a wink to the players, in which they leave patent that the adventure has only just begun. Not uselessly, the brain of this revolution John Hanke declared in one of his interviews that what we have seen is not only more than the “tip of the iceberg”. After this message, it is necessary to hope that in the next few months new functionalities that reduce the monotony of the game will appear, and make the experience even more alike to the one lived by the protagonists of Pokemon World.

Image with all the creatures of the first generation of the worldwide phenomenon Pokemkon.

A good beginning of this change would be to include these characteristics that already were advanced in the trailer of the game and they did not managed to make real, as the grouping battles and between players. For their part, Niantic has already advanced that studies allowing in the future Pokemon’s exchange among players. Other improvements that might be expected are the customization of the characters, the evolution of the technology of Augmented Reality (quite simple and succinct in the actual version), fighting systems or even a better use of the device.

The global events reinforce the community feeling among players

The special campaigms and the global events also play a fundamental role. They break the monotony, promote the sociability and remember the world that it’s not a question of a simple game, but of a phenomenon in continuous transformation. We are facing a company that has known how to renew a brand of reference by incorporating answers to the needs and expectations of the current company. Pokemon is a world full of possibilities. Now it has to wait to see the whole party that Niantic is capable of extracting through its geolocalization system and the Augmented Reality technology. Meanwhile, what seems to you obtaining your own Pokemon GO?

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