Cooking Ratatouille with Kinect Technology

Carrefour, Disney and Augmented Reality. The perfect menu in order to launch our second project based on Kinect technology.

It is an interactive installation included in the roadshow La Caravana de la Salud (‘The Health Caravan’), a mobile unit targeted to emphasise the importance of healthy food throughout Spain.

The initiative is framed within the project Te Cuento en la Cocina (‘I Tell You in the Kitchen’). This is a book in which Ferran Adrià and The Walt Disney Company have joined in order to bring cooking and healthy habits closer to families. This innovative idea based on Kinect technology is also supported by a group of participating companies. In the group we find Telefónica, La Caixa and Hospital Universitario La Paz (La Paz University Hospital).

3D kitchen inspired on the Disney film Ratatouille included in a Kinect technology experience

Being the supplier of Augmented Reality in two new companies as Carrefour and Disney, represents for Imascono a remarkable recognition to our innovative work since its inception in 2011. Especially Disney, a worldwide reference in the entertainment sector and, particularly, for our whole team, loyal lovers and supporters of all its creations.

As Walt Disney himself used to say: “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse.” And that’s exactly what we do at Imascono, dream and work with tenacity in order to make our dreams come true. Dreams represented in awesome projects as it is this interactive installation, comprised of two elements of three-dimensional fantasy: Disney and Augmented Reality (in this case, accessible thanks to the Kinect technology).

Children playing with the Kinect technology experience

Users visiting ‘La Caravana de la Salud’ may take an interactive photograph inside of one of the most representative kitchens of the Disney universe: Ratatouille. To this end, we have designed a 3D environment inspired by the famous film, bearing in mind the space particularities, with a maximum height of 1.80 m. At this juncture, one salient feature is the stone upper arch, behind of which is hidden the roof of the bus, and which integrates users into the Disney Augmented Reality kitchen in a very realistic way thanks to the Kinect technology.

3D art can be distinguished by a detailed textures treatment with the aim of representing the original look and feel of the film as faithful as possible. Some other noteworthy visual details of this 3D scene are the inclusion of the book “Te Cuento en la Cocina” itself, the appearance of Mickey’s character on a poster, and the woodcarving of the title of the initiative ‘Cocinando Diverión’. Regarding the level of interaction, users may get themselves customised with funny chef’s hats, as well as being able to hold some of the dishes that comprise Ferran Adrià’s book. The most interesting fact is that they may receive their photographs by email, only by entering their data on a Tablet nearby the installation.

Children at the Carrefour roadshow Kinect experience instalations

‘La Caravana de la Salud’ is going to travel all over Spain for seven months in Carrefour hypermarkets chain (see calendar). Last 1st July we were in Alcobendas verifying the project. Children and their families were having a whale of a time with Disney’s Augmented Reality interactive installation.

The team in charge of the roadshow itself admitted that our interactive space is being the star attraction of the project. This factor is really outstanding, due to the fact that the roadshow has a wide array of activities, ranging from cookery workshops to pedal cars. Check the ‘La Caravana de la Salud‘ video and enjoy the Kinect technology yourself.  If you are interested in knowing every detail of the project, you can also click on the tab Work > La Caravana de la Salud.

Picture of a child in the Kinect technology experience

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