Seven sectors that have already harness Augmented Reality

It will soon be a decade already since the first day in which Augmented Reality began to conquer people’s heart. This technology, whose precedents date from the sixties, saw its opportunity in 2008 together with the appearance of the first smartphone. Since then, this phenomenon hasn’t stopped growing.

If you already know this technology, keep reading. In this article we analyze the principal sectors and uses that are giving to this new technology. If you still don’t really know what are we speaking about, we encourage you to keep reading about the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in our blog.


Nowadays, the marketing is the excellent sector in the applications of the Augmented Reality. In the last years, numerous multinationals have been fixed in this technology, applying it in their successive campaigns and stagings. And the possibilities that offer are infinite. Here we leave a few examples.

The Augmented Reality app “Tu cuento en la cocina”, seeks to enrich and to complement to the book of recipes launched by Disney, Telefónica and Ferrán Adriá whose name is “Te cuento en la cocina”. The families cook their favorite recipes while they amuse themselves and immortalize the moment. If you are interested in knowing more examples, take a look to other projects that Imascono team has developed for marketing campaigns.

Through their campaign “Mysterious stories”, Toyota invites their users to discover what hides inside the gelded of their vehicles. In particular, it gives a series of stories in audio-visual version that changes depending on the car that is “scanned”. This initiative is an example of the application of the Augmented Reality technology in a storytelling campaign of marketing 360º.


Day after day, trends and big distributors face a public increasingly trained and demandingly. The “simple” acquisition of a product already is not sufficient to attract and to foster loyalty of clients. The experience of purchase, the expectations and the lasting recollection happen to be key elements in the final decision. How to be original then?

IKEA has been doing things very good for many years. They were able to take advantage of the opportunity that Augmented Reality gaves them by launching an Augmented Reality app associated with their catalogue of 2014. It was an intelligent strategy which allowed the brand to reinforce their presence in their client’s homes. It also supposed a solution for all those clients who were too busy or tired to move up to the point of sale. It allows them decorating from the comfort of their house. Possibly, this one is one of the launches that more helped to explain to the public of what the Augmented Reality was consisting.

The virtual fitting rooms have been one of the solutions that more have called the attention in the world of retail. Getting changed is not only entertained, but now it even saves time and effort to who is buying. They allow you to have all you need with just one click.

There are lots of more examples. Imascono was born as a specialized enterprise for the development of Augmented Reality projects in the textile sector. Eventhough a lot has happen since then, we feel very proud to see how this technology is applied in the sector that saw us grow. Do you want to have a look at our textile collections of Augmented Reality?


The technological innovations have marked always a before and an after in our lives. But probably, the health area is one of the most grateful ones. Nowadays, the Augmented Reality is already in use for reinforcing treatments against the phobias or processes of rehabilitation. Undoubtedly, this technology not only will offer new methods of work but, in addition, it can be the solution to manage democratization of this universal right.


The teachers are one of the unions that more prompt and effectively have integrated this technology in their everyday life. Every day there are more teachers fascinated by all the possibilities Augmented Reality offers. Because, who can resist to what that apart from educating, attracts kids attention, gives access to a whole bunch of content and gives possibilities to personalize the lesson according to each student’s needs?

In this case, we can’t avoid mention Chromville: it is one of our own projects that came out at the beginning of 2014. Nowadays, it is composed by three mobile apps associated to a serie of Augmented Reality coloring sheets. Kids have to colour them and then activate the Augmented Reality experience with their mobile devices.

Of course, there are much more. You can find another example of how teachers use the Augmented Reality in the classrooms in the app Aurasma. In this case, it is a platform that allows the audiovisual content to an image or signpost.

Industry 4.0

The appearance of more sophisticated hardware is allowing Augmented Reality to become one of the keys for Digital Transformation. The multiples capacities of this technology remain clear in its application in the 4.0 Industry, which includes the new ways of organizing the means of production of the enterprises.

In the enterprise sector, some of the main solutions that Augmented Reality offers are:
-Formation: forming workers, reducing mistakes in the tasks of maintenance (incorporation of texts, video, audios or graphs).
-Marketing: 3D presentations of the products (saves manufacturing costs).
-Optimization: allows comparing digital information of forecasts with the real information, improving the processes in areas as the logistics.
-Maintenance: support on the revisions to detect mistakes.
Users interaction: apps which offer updated information to the user on the product in the moment in which they need it.


In the tourism sector, Augmented Reality appears as the best complement to make hosts the real protagonists of the experience. Content options are diverse when creating an Augmented Reality experience.

In the case of museums, the creation of a 3D animated content that allows the visitors understand the functioning of the caught object. On the other hand, walking through a city it can be very useful to obtain extra information from those most important points, as well as instructions which facilitate users’ mobility.


In the sector of entertainment it is found the title to which Augmented Reality owes its leap to fame. We are referring to Pokemon Go, an app that, by means of systems of geolocalization, allows the user become in a real Pokemon hunter. Even though, Augmented Reality is slightly basic, the geolocalization technology or maps that sustain the game turn it into a complex app. But first of all is a project that has been able to catch the users’ attention, taking advantage of a brand with two decades of existence.

Another example is the game inviZimals. Undoubtedly, the successful saga of video games inviZimals, later adapted for television, could not remain out of this section. For whom they do not know it, it’s a question of a title produced by the Spanish study Novarama and launched to the market in 2009 by Sony, which was named by many people the Spanish Pokemon.

Among their latest launches the balance between Augmented Reality and the traditional role play card games. Novarama team has known how to create a dynamic environment beyond the traditional video games adapted to the new generations of technological consumers’ habits.

In 2012 Sony also launched for the portable videogame console PS Vita an elaborated strategic game based in Augmented Reality technology named PulzAR. To begin the new adventure is just necessary to count with six “Play Cards” and place them in a correct way over a flat surface. The objective: save the world from an imminent destruction.

There are other sectors which use this technology, as they are the architecture, cinema or packaging. And the number will keep rising. If you have doubts or you need some advice of how taking advantage of this technology, contact with us.

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