Javi Martínez football player wearing an Adidas tee with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Adidas Tee, Javi Martínez football Campus

Augmented Reality experience developed for the Javi Martínez football campus Adidas Tee. This is the first external project which was created by the imascono team after capturing the attention of several big companies thanks to our innovative developments.


Augmented Reality experience included in the imascono app. Our team developed the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI, Augmented Reality fashion and app coding.



Adidas was the sponsor of Javi Martínez’ Campus, a summer camp where children train sports, learn positive values and healthy habits, and develop their English and German language skills. The multinational corporation Adidas requested to imascono to develop an Augmented Reality T-shirt to make every kid feel like a world champion.


The project was conceptualized after Javi Martínez and his team colleagues from Bayern Munich were declared as the winner of the Champions League. The summer camp had been organized and ended successfully, for that occasion they wanted to make every attendee feel like they were champions of the Europe league thanks to the Augmented Reality experience in the Adidas Tee.

3D model included in the Augmented Reality Adidas tee

Every child in the Javi Martínez’ football campus received an official Adidas Tee provided by this international clothing brand. This is a white and black soft T-shirt in which was hidden a surprise. Pointing to the item with a mobile device the Champion League winner cup appears, and the child who is wearing the Adidas Tee and his friends can be taken a picture with the Augmented Reality experience.

Kids wearing the Augmented Reality Adidas tee

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Adidas tee from Javi Martínez Campus

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