ArtUp Sea, Augmented Reality for environmental learning

Augmented Reality app for children and families to encourage the environmentally conscious. The educational game takes place in the ‘Agbar de las Aguas’ museum, in Barcelona, and gives tips about how to care the sea and its inhabitants.


imascono was in charge of the branding and illustration, Augmented Reality app thinking, 3D model and animation, UX/UI, and app coding.


The Spanish company Aigües de Barcelona manages the water cycle in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. This project matches the CSR strategy focused on the environmentally conscious.


imascono has created the ArtUp branding and illustration from scratch. The aim was showing the corporate company values, as well as its concern with the marine world. All of this, made in an attractive and childish way to engage children and families. Some examples of this are the details included on the illustrations, or the caricatured view of the marine animals.

Phase 1 . Augmented Reality in the museum

Phase 2. Augmented Reality in the street

The 3D models are based on the illustrations included on the ArtUp Augmented Reality markers. They show the characteristics of the marine animals being caricatured. The animated 3D models show the specific movements of every animal. Besides that, the scene is decorated with elements from the marine world as algae and corals.

The Augmented Reality experience kept the true essence of the marine world thanks to the realistic animal movements. The digital element merged in the environment allowing the users to interact with it.

PLAY ArtUp app

0. Download the ArtUp app for Android or iOS
1. Print the markers from our website
2. Start the app and point towards the marker with the device
3. Interact and learn with the Augmented Reality experience


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