3D model lion coming from a poster

Augmented Reality for marketing, lion 3D model

Augmented reality experience developed for the Pilar Festival’s poster in 2013. The project was selected as the best poster that year.  Activate the 3D model and get ready to experience the ROAR of the LION like never before!


The Augmented Reality experience is included in the imascono app. Our team developed the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI, AR fashion and app coding.


After being selected as the best design for the Pilar Festival’s poster contest in 2013, the Zaragoza Town Hall proposed to imascono to develop an Augmented Reality experience in order to show the people something innovative and different.


The 3D model was based on the illustration created by the winner of the Pilar Festival’s poster competition in 2013. To create a shocking feeling, the lion 3D model was provided with realistic movements and sounds, which makes the experience more realistic for the user.

3D model of a lion in two poses
Picture of the 3D models of a lion in different poses

The Augmented Reality experience is activated by pointing to the lion illustration with the imascono app. Thanks to the Augmented Reality technology people can take pictures with the Augmented Reality 3D lion.

Lion 3D model coming from an advertisement. A periodist is posing in front of it

For more than one month the illustration was seen on posters, catalogues, websites, mass media and advertisements. Everybody could enjoy the Augmented Reality experience only by downloading the imascono app, you could even take pictures with the frightening 3D model.

3D model poster of the spanish Pilar Festival

0. Download imascono app
1. Start app
2. Read instructions
3. Point to the image on the left side

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