Screenshot marketing advertising video of Piknic Electronik Barcelona


Augmented Reality advertising, Piknic Electronik

Augmented Reality advertising experience developed for Piknic Elektronic Barcelona 2014. Point the imascono app to the poster and let the girl with the basket dance, point the imascono app to your shirt and get a basket on your head!


Augmented Reality advertising experience include on imascono app. Our team developed the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI, Augmented Reality fashion and app coding.


The project was realized in collaboration with Piknic Barcelona, to promote Piknic Electronik Barcelona 2014. This Piknic is a way to bring family and friends together in a “green” environment while enjoying electronic music and playing Augmented Reality on tees.


The 3D model was based on the illustration of Piknic Electronik. By using the imascono app on the T-shirt the head of the person with the shirt becomes a picnic basket and by using the imascono app on the poster the girl with the basket dances. Its purpose was to promote Piknic Electronik Barcelona 2014 in an innovative and different way. The Augmented Reality advertising experience brings family and friends together by wearing the same Augmented Reality T-shirt for the event and creates a more exciting feeling for the festival.

Official poster of the 2014 Piknic Electronik Barcelona
Picnic basket included in the marketing advertising of Piknic Electronik Barcelona

Thanks to the Augmented Reality technology people can get more in the Piknic Electronik mood by converting into a picnic basket. The Piknic Elektronic t-shirts and posters were available for the year of 2014. Everybody could enjoy the Augmented Reality advertising experience only by downloading the imascono app.

Official marketing advertising T-shirt of Piknic Electronik Barcelona

0. Download imascono app
1. Start app
2. Read instructions
3. Point to the image on the left side

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