Official picture Ferran Adrià and Disney recipes app with Augmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality to cook in family with Disney characters and Ferran Adrià recipes

“Tu cuento en la cocina” is an Augmented Reality app propel by Telefónica, Disney and Ferran Adriá. This app promotes cooking in family in a creative, entertaining and innovative way. This can be reached through challenges, games and recipes. Takes part in a multiplatform project that search bringing the cuisine and healthy habits to all homes.


Imascono team has taken charge of the project conceptualization, exposition and development of the game, to create the experience of Augmented Reality, the development of the illustration, the shaped one and the 3D animation, the experience and user’s interface (UX/UI) and the creation of the app.


Telefónica, Disney and Ferran Adrià join to present the multiplatform project “Te cuento en la cocina” (I tell you in the kitchen). The objective in this Augmented Reality app is to stimulate the amusement and family cooking through a unique navigation experience, personalized and gamificated.


The illusions, the 3D models and Augmented Reality elements have been created through the “look and feel” of what Disney established. The aesthetic of the elements perfectly combine reality with Ferran Adrià’s creativity and the magic of Disney.

Collage of Disney recipes illustration from the Augmented Reality cooking app 'Tu Cuento En la Cocina'

The included illustrations in the interactive comic have been created in the agreement to the pre-established aesthetics. All of them include characteristics that resemble the movies on which each of the recipes are based. All the instructions include scenes of 2D animation where there are explained the steps that should be follow. These animations have been created from illustrations that also respect the style and personality if the magic of Disney.

Film reel with illustrations included in the Disney recipes app with Augmented Reality technology

Distributed in the virtual kitchen 3D elements can be found. These 3D elements are inspired by Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars characters. All of them give access to interactive recipes designed by the best chef in the world, Ferran Adrià. The animated instructions are inserted by experiences of Augmented Reality. In them, the users interact with the 3D elements inspired by the movies and the characters in which each recipe is based.

Before beginning to cook, the users have to create the characters that will represent them in the game (up to a maximum of five). “Tu cuento en la cocina” offers five standard models (father, mother, son and daughter) that can become personal in order to make them more alike to their soul mate.

Virtual 360 kitchen included in the cooking Augmented Reality app with Ferran Adrià and Disney recipes
Illustration of the virtual 360 kitchen included in the Augmented Reality app with Disney recipes

The Augmented Reality app “Tu cuento en la cocina” includes a simple and attractive users experience adapted to all the members of the family. At the beginning, the users count with a fast tutorial where they learn the functioning of the app. Once completed, they can move along the virtual kitchen, interacting with their multiple elements. Among them the magic objects that activate the recipes designed by the chef Ferran Adriá can be found.

The recipes include instructions of act ion for the whole family. Young and adults join strengths to create these creative recipes. During the process, the user is who decides when go back or forth in each of the steps. Hereby, the experience becomes personal and adapts to each needs.

Pictures of the interface included in the Disney recipes of the Augmented Reality cooking app
Illustration of the steps included in the Disney recipes with Augmented Reality technology

The app “Te cuento en la cocina” includes a series of games related to cooking and recycling habits, in order to strength users cooking habilities. All of these games are associated to elements distributed in the kitchen. In addition, one can accede to them from the section of training included in the superior menu. The app also includes “sapiens” advices (in the kitchen as well as in the rest of the recipes) which increase the subject knowledge.

This family cooking app is designed according to the creative methodology Sapiens. It is an investigation method designed by Ferran Adrià and elBulliFoundation, oriented to the comprehension and knowledge building. Its objective is to develop and to promote creativity and innovation.

Though this method was brought up to the gastronomy, it can be extrapolated to any discipline or aspect from our life. Currently, elBulliFoundation and Telefonica foundation have transfer it to the field of education through their project “Creative schools” an initiative that search to transform the way of teaching and learning through creativity.

Illustration of a minigame included in the Ferran Adrià and Disney recipes Augmented Reality app

Nowadays, the app includes 24 interactive recipes designed by Ferran Adrià and inspired by the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. It is possible to accede to them across the 3D elements distributed all over the virtual kitchen. In addition, the top menu includes the section “to cook” which includes all the available recipes.

All the recipes include animated illustrations with the necessary instructions to realize each plate. These are alternated with the Augmented Reality technology, making the family the protagonists of the experience. The result remains reflected in an interactive comic created once the recipe is finished.

Pictures of kids playing with the Augmented Reality app with Disney recipes
Family pictures cooking the Disney recipes included in an Augmented Reality app

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Official picture of the Ferran Adrià and Disney recipes book

0. Download “Tu cuento en la cocina” for Android or iOS
1. Start the app
2. Choose a 3D element
3. Follow the instructions
4. Enjoy cooking in family
5. Save and print the magic comic