Illustration of the augmented reality kitchen inspired by 'Ratatouille' for Disney and Carrefour

Augmented Reality kitchen for Disney and Carrefour

During the roadshow of ‘La Caravana de la Salud’ (The Health Caravan) of Carrefour and Disney, users get virtually introduced in an augmented reality kitchen which is inspired by the one of the film ‘Ratatouille’. This fun and fantastic experience is based on Kinect technology.


The firm imascono is the responsible for the User Experience (UX) gamification and viralisation inside the mobile unit ‘Cocinando Diversión’ (Cooking Fun). The workflow’s different steps are allocated in: conceptualizing the interactive proposal; 3D modelling and design, based on the film ‘Ratatouille’; User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) and programming. Read more about this project in our Magazine.


‘La Caravana de la Salud’ is a project developed for Disney and Carrefour. Its main goal is to promote healthy eating throughout Spain. This is an action carried out in parallel to the book launched, ‘Te Cuento en la Cocina’ (I Tell you in the Kitchen), a work which contains a total of 60 magic recipes created by Ferran Adrià. All of them are inspired by the magic worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.



In this augmented reality kitchen, developed for Disney and Carrefour, what stands out is the 3D art of the kitchen inspired by the film ‘Ratatouille’. The key lies in the textures’ manipulation in order to keep the essence of the look and feel of the film. It also includes a wide range of details which create visually rich contents, as they are the book itself ‘Te Cuento en la Cocina’, or the woodcarving of the project’s name ‘Cocinando Diversión’.

3D cooker by imascono for the augmented reality kitchen
3D food and chef's hat by imascono for the augmented reality kitchen
3D Asian food and chef's hat by imascono for the augmented reality kitchen

The activity is geared towards children and their parents. This has been a decisive factor when coming up with the UX/UI design. The project contains simple interactions that enable easy comprehension of the actions to be carried out. Some examples include taking photographs or delete. When finalizing the activity, the users are allowed to take home these photographs as a keepsake of the experience.

On the picture six screenshots of the Ratatouille Augmented Reality kitchen.

Despite the availability of diverse activities inside the ‘Caravana de la Salud’, the augmented reality kitchen is the star attraction of the project. Both, parents and children, are willing to take home such a unique and unforgettable memento by means of the interactive photograph, which enables them to get immersed into the famous kitchen of “Ratatouille”. A magic experience that makes an emotional impact on the families that visit the roadshow, thanks to the development of Augmented Reality for Disney and Carrefour.

Collage of photos of the augmented reality kitchen experience with the children