Official picture of the Augmented Reality packaging for 2014 World Cup

Augmented Reality packaging, Beso de Vino – World Cup

An Augmented Reality experience developed for the wine brand Beso de Vino, for an special occasion: the World Cup. The wine company Beso de Vino wanted something special for their wine during the World Cup of 2014. Point the imascono app to the wine label and let Antonio the Bull play football. Around the world people enjoyed the special Beso de Vino wine bottle, it was the first one that incorporated an Augmented Reality packaging experience.


The Augmented Reality experience is included in the Imascono app. Our team developed the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI, Augmented Reality fashion and app coding. Take a look to the other projects that we have developed for Beso de Vino.


The wine company ‘Beso de Vino’ didn’t waste a good opportunity and they requested  us a special wine label associated with the World Cup 2014. Now their clients can taste the wine enjoying this amazing Augmented Reality packaging football experience.


The 3D model was based on the idea that Antonio the Bull should play football in the classic yellow Brazilian t-shirt. To create a real World Cup 2014 feeling Antonio the Bull is wearing a Brazilian football t-shirt, he comes out of the bottle and plays football.

3D model included in the Augmented Reality packaging

The Augmented Reality packaging experience activates by pointing to the wine label with the imascono app. Pictures of Antonio playing football can be taken with the imascono app.

Collage of pictures of an augmented Reality packaging for 2014 World Cup

The Augmented Reality wine label was made for the special occasion of the World Cup 2014. Everybody could enjoy the Augmented Reality packaging experience by downloading the imascono app.

Augmented Reality packaging of Beso de Vino

0. Download imascono app
1. Start app
2. Read instructions
3. Point to the image on the left side


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