Brand image of the creative learning pack Chromville World

Edtech source for kids’ creative learning

Chromville World is the most creative learning source for kids. It includes the Augmented Reality app Chromville Science, a wide range of educational activities translated into 2D classroom materials, and the access to 3D printing files of the Chromville characters, the Chromers. This is the answer for all the teachers and parents interested on developing creativity through technology and help the children to find their true talents. Get the pack on the Chromville site.


Chromville World is an own-produced creative learning pack. Imascono Team is in charge of developing the educational content, and the design of the sketches, Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI and app coding.


Augmented Reality educational world for kids, named Chromville, comprised by several apps oriented to the development of their imagination and creativity.


Chromville World is the educational digital pack directed to all teachers and parents that support the development of the imagination and creativity of their kids on an educational level. At this moment the Chromville World package consists in Chromville Science app (Android and iOS), classroom material in 2D, and 3D printing files of the Chromville characters. Chromville joins art, technology, science and the eight Multiple Intelligences in several different coloring pages to motivate the learning process of each child.

Collage with Chromville Science coloring pages in black and white
Chromville World and Chromville Science logotypes

Chromville World is made of 5 villages starring ´the Chromers´. All of them help the children to find their special features by playing with the 2D classroom material and with the Augmented Reality coloring pages incl. in the Chromville Science app.

3D models of the Chromers, support in the creative learning process
Classroom icon included in the creative learning app Chromville Science
Human Body icon included in the creative learning app Chromville Science
Living Beings icon included in the creative learning app Chromville Scien
Planet Earth icon included in the creative learning app Chromville Scien
Laboratory icon included in the creative learning app Chromville Science

The Chromville Science app is based on an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) which facilitates a fast start at the Augmented Reality experience.

Pictures with instructions to use the Chromville Science app interface
Pictures of the Chromville website interface

The Chromville Science app scans the colored coloring pages and brings them to live on the mobile device. The experience allows kids to play and interact with their own coloring pages and learn while enjoying the AR experience.

Pictures of the creative learning process with Chromville Science

Chromville World includes a wide range of 2D educational material for children to play fun games and learn at the same time in the classroom, and 3D printable material to customize and print their favorite Chromers.

2D materials and 3D printing models to promote the creative learning

PLAY Chromville app

0. Download the Chromville Science app for Android or iOS
1. Print and Paint the coloring pages from the Chromville website
2. Point to the image indicated on the left side of the template
3. Interact and learn with the Augmented Reality app experience

(*) Get the complete creative learning pack on Chromville World website.

Augmented Reality science app included in the creative learning pack Chromville Worlddownload_buttons_1download_buttons_2

Augmented Reality coloring page to encourage the creative learning