Official picture of Augmented Reality app Lieve Lieverd, example of educational trends

Educational trends: childish apps with games and Augmented Reality

Lieve Lieverd is an example of one of the most popular educational trends in the actual society. This childish app contains a series of games that complement the already existing educative tales. The proposal is complemented with three Augmented Reality experience associated to some colorable sheets. The elements come alive in the screen and can be recorded and shared in the social networks.


According to the actual educational trends, imascono has developed a gamificated childish app for kids from pre-school and primary school education. imascono team has been in charge of programming the games, the modeling and the 3D animation; the creation of the experience of Augmented Reality, the UX/UI and the app creation of the app. Other educational apps developed by imascono are Chromville, Chromville Science and Barcy by Chromville.


Lieve Lieverd is a Dutch editorial that creates and distributes childish contents. All of them are based in the adventures of two small kids and their pets. The editorial contacted us with the objective of developing a childish app capable of answering the actual predominant educational trends: gamification and the use of the Augmented Reality technology.


The characters and elements included in the Augmented Reality experience have been created based on the coloring sheets presented by the client. The illustrations combine 3D elements with objects that simulate paper, brand characteristic process.

Animated toy included in the Lieve Lieverd app for children. The toy jumps and moves repetitively
Augmented Reality scene where a little girl is playing on the beach
3D model of the main charapter of Lieve Lieverd, educational Augmented Reality app

The app includes six games with different dynamic that allows the kids to learn while they are having fun. imascono has been in charge of the programming and the animation of these games. In them the agility and the visual motor coordination is developed, as well as, the memory, attention, recognition and association of the sounds and their musical and artistic factor.

Screenshoot of the educative app Lieve Lieverd. On the screen the menu of a serie of games example of the current educational trends

The Lieve Lieverd app includes a special section of Augmented Reality. This is one of the principal educational trends currently. The tab to accede to this section is at the top of the home page. After a short explanation of how this technology works, the app is ready to start with the experience.

When the user points to the sheet with the tablet, the illustration come alive; the app is associated to three Augmented Reality sheets. Each of them is settled into a different environment (snow, beach and forest) and allows the user to interact with its 3D elements. One of the innovations of this app is its capacity to film the Augmented Reality experience and share it on the social networks. Without doubt, this is one of the most relevant characteristics of the new educational trends.

Augmented Reality experience of the three coloring pages included in the Lieve Lieverd app, example of the current educative rends

PLAY Lieve Lieverd App

Coloring page included in the educational trends app Lieve Lieverd

0. Download Lieve Lieverd app
1. Start app
2. Choose a game
3. Listen to the instructions
4. Start the game