Chroma Key backgrounds from El Corte Inglés Carnival activity

Chroma Key interactive experience for children, El Corte Inglés

Chroma Key interactive experience for children was presented during a Carnival activity, organized in 2013, by the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés. The children who went and wore a custom could take a picture immersed in one of the seven imaginary worlds to take a memory home of  the magical moment.


imascono was in charge of the creation of the background illustrations, as well as the development of the Chroma Key experience.


El Corte Inglés is one of the biggest Spanish department stores. This national company organizes annually a lot of activities to attract children and families. imascono developed the Chroma key activity for the 2013 Carnival in order to bring technology closer to new generations.


Seven backgrounds were created to give the children free options to choose their favorite one according to the disguise they were wearing. Once the picture was taken, the children seem to be completely immersed in the imaginary world.

Children room and countryside backgrounds from El Corte Inglés Carnival activity
Skyscrapers and pirates beach backgrounds from El Corte Inglés Carnival activity

These background designs were inspired in a  colorful children bedroom, a countryside sunny landscape during the spring season, a big city with skyscrapers in the middle of the night, a trip to the moon, a castle hijacked by a frightening dragon, a secret beach in an island conquered by a bunch of friendly pirates, and the theatre stage of a famed stage play. The last background was related with the imaginary world of Chromville.

Chroma Key backgrounds presented during El Corte Inglés Carnival activity

The kids had to pose ahead of the Chroma Key. The rest of the attendees could see the result of the picture on the laptop screen. The families interested in printing the picture had to come back to the El Corte Inglés department store to get the photograph.

Families enjoying with the Carnival Augmented Reality activity in El Corte Inglés