3D art picture included in Bosch Kinect experience

Augmented Reality cooking experience with Kinect

This Kinect cooking project allows the users to enter in a virtual world where the 3D elements transform them into real chefs from different cuisines. It is an interactive project, you can live the experience at different sales points.


To be able to live the experience just a TV, a Kinect, a computer and your creativity is needed. imascono was in charge of the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI and app coding. The project combines two avant-garde concepts: brand value and innovation. Both shared by the client. Read more about this project in our Magazine.


The interactive installation, by means of Kinect, was designed for Bosch Home Appliances, a subsidiary of the B/S/H. Bosch is the leader in the home appliances market, because of being innovative and their usage of technology.



The 3D project is based on three different Augmented Reality cuisines: an Italian, a Japanese, and a minimalistic kitchen. Each one shows characteristic components mixed with home appliance elements from Bosch. The animated objects appear when the Kinect experience starts and moves on the screen according to the movement of the user got by the Kinect.

Italian cooking 3D art picture included in Kinect Bosch experience
Asian cooking 3D art picture included in Kinect Bosch experience
Minimalistic cooking 3D art picture included in Kinect Bosch experience
Kinect trigger used for the Bosch kinect experience

Once the user is in front of the Kinect he or she can move from kitchen to kitchen placing the hands over the signs on the screen. Snapshots are taken and can be shared on Twitter while users are enjoying the Kinect experience.

Kinect interface examples included in Bosch cooking experience

The results are amusing. The user becomes the main character in the Augmented Reality involvement thanks to the Kinect technology. The entertaining experience strengthens the relationship between brand and user, impacting on him generating a positive thought. Connecting the Kinect to an interactive camera at the sales point makes brand experience even more intense,  allowing the client taking home a great souvenir.

Client experiences with the Kinect cooking project of Bosch