Spacecraft of the Hackership marketing campaign

Creative and technology marketing campaign, the Hackership

The hackership is a co-working space for technology companies. Demonstrating its creative and innovative personality, the marketing campaign was based on the arrival of a group of aliens (‘The Hackershiper’) on Earth.


Augmented Reality project included in the imascono app. The team was in charge of branding, video concept, Augmented Reality thinking, illustration, animation, UX / UI and app coding.


The Hackership is a business co-working space for technological companies placed in Zaragoza (Spain). The project was developed and created as a marketing campaign with the company Madmouse Studio.


The objective of this marketing campaign was to present the new co-working space ‘Hackership’ in Zaragoza. A landing page was created with a countdown board on the arrival of extraterrestrial on Earth. These aliens were supposed to be the members of the Hackership coming to our planet to change it for good, and ready to accept every human willing to help them to achieve this challenge.

Hackership branding designed for the launch marketing campaign
Screenshot of the Hackership marketing campaign countdown

The spacecraft was designed from scratch. Wrapped by a futuristic framework the inside came up with the idea of being as realistic as possible. It is inspired on the spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien and Independence Day. It is a special spacecraft because it is not very common to see such a big machine with an upper side like this one. Besides that, the engines rotate to land.

Design drawings of the Hackership marketing campaign spacecraft
Three pictures from different sides of the Hackership marketing campaign spacecraft

imascono was in charge of the brand concept and the advertising development to create the marketing campaign. The launched campaign was based on a series of videos as red line of the storytelling.

Along the co-working space there are some posters which include an Augmented Reality experience. Pointing to the illustration with the Imascono app appears the spacecraft designed for the marketing campaign. The spacecraft comes out from a black hole (the poster) flies around, and goes back to where it came from.

Hackership branding designed for the the launch marketing campaign

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