Official picture of the Movistar Team cyclists starring the interactive mockup


Movistar Team cycling interactive mockup

Interactive mockup based on the traditional bottle caps game. A project developed for Movistar Team which was shown in the official 2016 presentation to be enjoyed by the attendees. The cycling circuit updates appears in real time on a screen, giving information related with the race, instructions for the players and the countdown to the next round


imascono was in charge of the technical and mockup design, UX/UI, app coding, coordinate third parties and monitoring the operation of the system. Take a look to the other projects that we have developed for the Movistar Team.


The Movistar cycling Team was, in 2015, the best cycling team in the world. This amazing interactive mockup game was developed to be shown in the official 2016 team presentation. It is also being exposed in the main Spanish cities.


Movistar Team 3D interactive mockup with additional information

Land & Circuit: this is the most eye-catching part of the Movistar project. It represents a cycle route going through diverse landscapes: mountainous, plain, green, dry… The users have to complete the circuit pushing the bottle caps avoiding to coming off.

Obstacles & Props: small elements which complete the mockup. The obstacles are scattered across the Movistar circuit making the experience more difficult and funnier. On the other hand, the props decorates the landscape making it more attractive and faithful.

Hardware & structure: the technical part is placed under the platform, it results in an interactive mockup. The recognition system records the location of the caps instantly, updates the information on the screen, register the users and organize the game turns. The structure supports and reinforces the Movistar mockup and the technical components located below it. At the sides there are some panels which protect them to ensure a well-functioning (from blows, dust, light…).

Screen: this is the element which shows (updated in real time) all the information related with the users which are playing on the Movistar interactive circuit, including the countdown when finishing the round, and giving instructions about the game, among others.

Lectern: it is used as support of the interactive screen where users have to register to play. Besides that, this is the place where you can check the instructions or schedule, among others.

Movistar Team circuit map with obstacles of the interactive mockup


1 – Track under the bridge
2 – Rock tunnel
3 – Loop
4 – Little bump
5 – Ramp
6 – Bridge across a river
7 – Rocks
8 – Bump
9 – Speed bump

3D model & illustration

Movistar Team interactive mockup, render version
3D models Movistar bottle cup game included in the interactive mockup
Movistar Team interactive mockup 3D props
3D props included in the Movistar Team interactive mockup
Detailed Movistar Team interactive mockup render
Movistar stand graphic with use instructions
Movistar Team publicity panels of the interactive mockup
Place of the Movistar Team interactive mockup official presentation


The interactive mockup of Movistar Team play rounds schedule
Movistar Team interactive mockup game instructions