3D model of Movistar Team cyclist

Movistar Team Augmented Reality official app

The Augmented Reality app was developed for the official presentation of the cycling Movistar Team of 2015. It includes the 3D models based on three famous cyclists and an Augmented Reality experience.


Augmented Reality app developed for the cycling Movistar Team. Imascono was in charge of the Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI and app coding. Take a look to other projects that we have developed for the Movistar Team.


The Movistar Team was the best cycling team in the world in 2014. This incredible Augmented Reality experience was created to be shown in the official team presentation. The objective, make everyone feel a movistar cyclist!


One of the main challenges of developing the cycling Movistar Team Augmented Reality app was developing three 3D head models of the three best cyclist of that moment: Alejandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana and Andrey Amador.

3D heads of the best 2015 Movistar Team cyclist
3D model of the Movistar Team cycling circuit

The project was initially developed as a mobile app which that include, information related to the race schedules and relevant data about the three cyclists. The Augmented Reality technology added the innovative touch, letting the user to interact with the three 3D cyclist heads and an interactive circuit showed around the person who wear the Movistar Team T-shirt.

Movistar Team app how to use instructions

Once the Movistar Team Augmented Reality experience is activated, the user enjoys the faces animation associated with the 3D cyclist clones which is activated once the Augmented Reality app points to the Movistar Team T-shirt.

Augmented Reality experience at the Movistar Team official presentation
Alejandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana and Andrey Amador possing with the augmented reality experience

PLAY Movistar team App

Movistar Team app poster with instructions

0. Download Movistar Team App
1. Start app
2. Read instructions
3. Point to the image on the left side

Movistar Team logotye included in the Augmented Reality app download_buttons_1download_buttons_2