Girl wearing the OFFF Barcelona official tee

Augmented Reality experience, OFFF Barcelona Festival

In collaboration with Dolce Collective a t-shirt was developed for the OFFF Barcelona festival in 2012. Dolce Collective designed the illustration and Imascono created the Augmented Reality experience.


Augmented Reality experience included on Imascono app. Our team developed Augmented Reality thinking, 3D model & animation, UX/UI, Augmented Reality fashion and app coding.


OFFF Barcelona is more than a Festival with innovative and international speakers, it is more than a meeting point for all talents around the world to collaborate, it is more than feeding the future.


The illustration on the t-shirt was designed by Dolce Collective, it was especially designed for OFFF Barcelona Festival 2012.

Official 3D model and tee of OFFF Barcelona 2012

The 3D model was based on the designs of Dolce Collective designed for the OFFF Barcelona in 2012.

3D model included in the OFFF Barcelona Augmented Reality tee

The OFFF Barcelona t-shirt is provided in one design. The OFFF Barcelona t-shirt illustration is printed on a white t-shirt.

Girl wearing the official OFFF Barcelona 2012 Augmented Reality tee
Photo session with the official OFFF Barcelona 2012 tee

The OFFF Barcelona Augmented Reality experience starts when the Imascono app recognizes the illustration on the T-shirt. The 3D animation appears in the sign of the question mark.

Official OFFF Barcelona 2012 tee

0. Download Imascono App
1. Start app
2. Read instructions
3. Point to the image on the left side

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Hector Ayuso 3D design

3D model of Hector Ayuso founder of the OFFF Barcelona event