Image de présentation de l’application Per.Brick AR

Per.Brick AR, DIY paper blocks with Augmented Reality

Experience a variety of contents such as education, art and culture in a new way with Per.Brick AR’. This is a new type of service that allows you to enjoy various contents with virtual characters by applying Augmented Reality technology to paper block module ‘Per.Brick’ which can freely create any shape.


imascono team has been in charge of programming the games, the modeling and the 3D animation; the creation of the experience of Augmented Reality, the UX/UI and the app creation of the app. Other educational apps developed by imascono are Chromville, Chromville Science, Barcy by Chromville, Tu Cuento en la Cocina or Lieve Lieverd.


Per.Brick mixes education, art and culture in a new way. This is a new tool which integrate educational programs, mobile apps and Augmented Reality to extend its ability of being applied to a variety of environments.


The Augmented Reality experiences included in the Per.Brick AR app are based on the coloring pages provided by Per.Brick. Imascono aim was turn those illustrations in 3D elements to create the Augmented Reality experience. The most challenging work was modelling the Vincent Van Gogh portrait and animating his facial expressions making them realistic.

The renders of the two scenes included in the Augmented Reality app Per.Brick AR.
3D version of the painting ‘Bedroom in Arlés’ made by Vincent Van Gogh

The Per.Brick AR interface is based on the Chromville concept, user-friendly apps to provide the best experience letting users to start quickly the Augmented Reality experience. The app is divided in two scenes, the Van Gogh’s with two coloring pages associated, and the letter & numbers two more templates. The app includes instructions for use to make the experience even easier.

Four screenshots taken from the Per.Brick AR app, the main screen, some instructions and two Augmented Reality experiences.

Once the block is built, the user points to it with the devices. The Per.Brick AR app recognizes the markers (the illustration) and the Augmented Reality experience starts. Every experience includes a game dynamic, learning content and a challenge to be completed by the user.

PLAY Per.Brick AR

The Per.Brick AR app is associated to a physic product. The app is available for free for iOS and Android but only those users who get the Per.Brick AR packaging will be able to activate the Augmented Reality experiences. Join the 3D adventure and your paints come alive in the ‘Per.Brick’ blocks!

Illustration of the Per.Brick cube which is associated to the Per.Brick AR app

0. Make ‘Per.Brick’ blocks
1. Download the Per.Brick AR app
2. Colorize ‘Per.Brick’ blocks
3. Launch the app and point to the block
4. Enjoy augmented reality contents with ‘Per.Brick’