Smartphone pointing towards the Mediaset GO advertising banner that activates the virtual TV hosts experience

Mediaset GO, virtual TV hosts in Augmented Reality

This Augmented Reality project developed for the presentation party of the new season of the mass media Spanish company Mediaset España Comunicación. The app is inspired in the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon GO.


The team of Imascono has been the responsible of raising the experience of Augmented Reality, as well as of developing the illustration, the modeling and the 3D animation, the experience and users interface (UX/UI) and the creation of the app.


Mediaset España Comunicación is a Spanish enterprise specialized in television contents. It is one of the groups with more television quota in the country. The protagonists of this experience are the nationally well-known hosts Ana Rosa Quintana, Jesús Vazquez y Manu Carreño, whom participate in gossip programs, entertainment programs and sportive programs, respectively.


Mediaset España stablished the “look and feel” of the project. With this guideline, the team of Imascono designed a logo for the project and the flags that include own motives of the profession. These flags are the key element of the experience, as they contain the signposts for the activation of the Augmented Reality experience. All the illustrations maintain the character and the causal style of the brand.

Logotype design by imascono for the virtual TV hosts app Mediaset GO
Advertising banners that are Augmented Reality markers to 'catch' the virtual TV hosts

The TV hosts Ana Rosa Quintana, Jesús Vázquez and Manu Carreño are the protagonists of thos experience. The aim is to create some 3D loyal models which allow the user to recognize these three professionals at a glance. The character appears on the screen when the experience of Augmented Reality is activated. The user has to catch the virtual TV hosts with the heart that appears in the lower part of the screen to discover the hidden information.

3D models of the virtual TV hosts included in the Mediaset GO app.

Both, the interface and the user’s experience are inspired in the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon GO. Once the app is opened, the user finds a map of the scene in which he is, in this case, Mediaset studies. In the map it also appears the location of the flags, that is to say, the places where you can catch the Virtual TV hosts.

Screenshots of the Mediaset GO app interface that allows to 'catch' virtual TV hosts

The attendees to the event could enjoy the Augmented Reality experience pointing towards the signposts with their Smartphone. Once the app recognized it, the 3D model appears. If you press in the heart and pull it towards the virtual TV hosts, you can catch them as you do in Pokemon GO.

Another option to develop this Augmented Reality experience is by using the beacons. These beacons are small devices based on Bluetooth technology which emits a sign that is identified by the smartphone. In this case, the 3D models appear depending on the proximity of the user to the beacons without the need of recognizing any signpost.

Photo of a Mediaset GO advertising banner that activates the virtual TV hosts experience
Photos that show the Augmented Reality Mediaset GO app with the virtual TV hosts

PLAY Mediaset GO app

Picture of the three virtual TV hosts included in the Augmented Reality app Mediaset GO

0. Download Mediaset GO for Android or iOS
1. Start the app
2. Point to the marker
3. ‘Catch’ the virtual host

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