Metaverso services for companies

We are specialists in the development of projects in the Metaverse. Interactivity and gamification are our goals.

How do we develop Metaverso for companies?

We specialize in virtualizing and gamifying the activities of our clients in the Metaverse. With our experience and technology, we will take your company's project directly to the center of the Metaverse.

We cover all types of projects in the Metaverse for companies and we are involved throughout the entire development process. Our large and multidisciplinary team of 3D artists, developers, engineers and UX/UI designers will be perfectly synchronized to provide the maximum.

We have the best digital and technological talent in Spain. Everything prepared so you can get the best results with your project.

  • More than 300 projects completed
  • More than 10 years of experience innovating
  • Projects developed for international brands such as Marvel, Adidas, Samsung or Loewe.

Design and development of Virtual Spaces for companies.

Our extensive technical knowledge and creative thinking allows us to create unique experiences that add value, excite and captivate audiences.


What sets us apart as a company


Gamification of the User Experience through XR.


Sensitivity to detail and differentiation in development.


Synchronized organization, team and shared objectives.


We develop Metaverso for companies with a clear objective: User Experience comes first.

We will take your project to infinity and beyond. We are a multidisciplinary team passionate about technology, software and science fiction.

This is how our Virtual Spaces for companies in the Metaverse look like

Multi-device and accessible from a web browser.

You will be able to use any mobile device, tablet or computer to access the experience in the Metaverse. No downloads or updates. Directly from a web browser.

2. With dashboards and control analytics.

Through our CMS you will have access to a wide range of statistical data on the usage and behavior of your users. In the same way you will be able to update content, manage users and support autonomously.

3. Immersive and multiplayer experience

Our Metaverso proyectoss for enterprises feature a multiplayer where users will be able to interact and enjoy a gamified experience in a 3D virtual environment.

Our methodology:

Applied Imagination


Contact us and we will take your Metaverse and Web3 project to the top!


    Frequently asked questions about Metaverse and Web3 projects

    What do I need to start my company's project in the Metaverse?

    Contact our team and tell us about your idea or concept. It is very useful to know what will be the final goal of your project. For example: if you need it to promote products or servicesif you approach it with an end in mind. formative or if the objective is to celebrate a event concrete. This will help us to define all the functionalities to implement. It would also be great if you have a visual reference. Or maybe you would prefer that our 3D artists surprise you with a Virtual Space unique, exclusive and totally customized.

    Do I need to have virtual reality glasses to visit the virtual spaces?

    No, our Virtual Spaces are designed so that you can enjoy them without the need of having Virtual Reality glasses. You can access them from mobile, tablet and computer. If you need it, we can also make your Virtual Space in the Metaverse be accessible by means of glasses. Virtual Reality.

    Will I be able to update content and have access to visitor data?

    Yes, our Metaverso proyectoss for enterprises have a CMS platform which allows you to modify the contents of the interactive points. In this way you can make your Virtual Space stay up to date with new information and multimedia materials.

    We offer different types of analytics. In the most basic version, you can use Google Analytics or other similar platforms. In addition, we collect specific events within the Virtual Spacesuch as clicks, conversions, etc. And in more advanced versions, we have our own server analytics and heat maps to obtain greater detail on user behavior.

    Will I have to use a third party platform?

    No, we develop Virtual Spaces totally customized for you. It will be your own Unique and exclusive Metaverse. We do not have predefined plans, we adapt to the needs of your project and implement the features you really need.

    Our product is fully scalable: if in the future your company is Metaverse If it grows, we will be ready to implement the necessary improvements and updates.

    It is a very positive project that will allow anyone to get to know our facilities from anywhere in the world.

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