Artificial Intelligence Services for companies

We are specialists in the development of Virtual Agents with Artificial Intelligence through our V-E-G-A product.

V-E-G-A is the product with which we develop hyper-realistic Virtual Agents with Generative Artificial Intelligence for companies.

We specialize in creating Virtual Agents with Artificial Intelligence to your needs. With our experience and technology we have developed a new generation of avatars. V-E-G-A. Able to enhance our capabilities and develop systems of search, recommendation and execution of complex tasks adapted to the needs of the professional environment.

We cover all types of projects with Generative Artificial Intelligence. Our large and multidisciplinary team of 3D artists, developers, engineers and UX/UI designers will be perfectly synchronized to deliver the maximum.

We have the best digital and technological talent. Everything prepared so you can get the best results with your project.

  • More than 300 incredible projects completed.
  • More than 10 years of experience innovating.
  • Projects developed for international brands such as Marvel, Adidas, Samsung or Loewe.

Welcome to the Augmented Human Being.

V-E-G-A (Virtual Enterprise Generative Avatar) is oriented for enterprise use in three key tasks: AI Searcher, AI Recommender and AI Task Executor.

This hyper-realistic agent is capable of connecting to different internal and external databases, indicating where to find information, suggesting relevant data, responding to a specific topic or adopting different roles within the company to support workers and helping to enhance their capabilities.


What sets us apart as a company


Gamification of the User Experience through XR.


Sensitivity to detail and differentiation in development.


Synchronized organization, team and shared objectives.


We develop digital products with a clear objective: the user experience comes first.

We will take your project to infinity and beyond. We are a multidisciplinary team passionate about technology, software and science fiction.

This is how our Virtual Agents with Artificial Intelligence work for companies.

1. They help and enhance the capabilities of workers

All to streamline processes, improve the productivity and efficiency of professionals internally, and revolutionize the interaction, personalization and communication of the company with the outside world.

2. With dashboards and control analytics.

Through our CMS you will have access to a wide range of statistical data on usage and behavior. You will also be able to update content, manage users and support autonomously.

3. Avatars visible on Web, AR, VR & Metaverse

You will be able to use any mobile device, tablet, computer, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality goggles to access your Virtual Agent. No downloads or updates. Directly from web browser.


Your Agent will be fully customized and optimized.

Our 3D artists will shape the ideal Agent for each specific professional/business environment. 


Use cases

Office: Marketing Assistant

We will be able to interact by voice with our Agent and ask him/her to: perform a planning for the launching of a new product, which generates images and texts unique to use in the campaign and that send an e-mail to to all staff members participating in the project.

Restaurant: Waiter recommendation

The Virtual Agent you can recommend dishes based on the preferences of the diners, report on promotionsto provide information on the history of the premises and liven up waiting until the table is served.

Hotel: Visitor reception

In this case the Virtual Agent with Artificial Intelligence will be capable of receive the guest in the room, inform you about the hotel's services in addition to recommendations of restaurants, exhibitions, outstanding monuments taking into account our personal preferences. You will also be able to contact reception and to report on any specific request.


Contact us and we will boost your company's human resources with Artificial Intelligence!

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