Advantages of the Metaverse in companies

August 1, 2023 admin

Advantages of the Metaverse in companies

Facebook's change of strategy to Meta, has mobilized the national and international technology sector to direct all efforts to build what has become the major technological trend for the coming years: the Metaverse.

At present, the most important technology companies such as the "Big Tech Five" (Google, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook, Amazon and Apple) have invested and are investing, directly and indirectly, either covertly or overtly, in the Metaverse and in the Mixed Reality.

These companies are also joined by large corporations that have positioned themselves and bet on this new channel: Nvidia, Epic Games, Nike, Walmart... to accumulate an investment of more than USD 300 billion.

Beyond the technological bets of large international companies, the Metaverse and the Extended Reality is also a real challenge for the progress in the digital metamorphosis for small and medium-sized domestic companies.

It is a technology that represents a before and after in the business strategy, a bet for the innovationfor the technological creativity and for creating a new communication and interaction channel that forever changes the relationship between companies and consumers.

 In this article we review the main advantages of incorporating the Metaverse in the companies.

What is the metaverse?

Before knowing which are the benefits of the Metaverse for companies, it is time to review what does it consist of? exactly this new technology.

At present, there is no single definition of the Metaverse, however, we could define it as a virtual universe composed of multiple linked three-dimensional digital worlds. A universe where humans interact socially and economically through avatars, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. 

In other words, the Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet.The event will offer a three-dimensional, immersive and multisensory experience thanks to a series of devices such as virtual/augmented reality goggles, among others. It would be an allegory of the real world, but without physical limitations. An alternative reality from science fiction with only one creative limit: our imagination.

Main characteristics of the Metaverse

The Metaverse opens up before our eyes as the ultimate virtual universe, composed of multiple interconnected digital worlds. In the end, the central idea of this new Metaverse is to humanizing the virtual world.

What he wants to achieve is to leave aside the static screens that we all know and live with digital experiences more immersive and closer to video games.. The characteristics of the Metaverse can be summarized in 6 key concepts:

▶ Digital identity

We will travel through the different virtual worlds with a avatar that can take on any appearance we want, with a increased image protection of the current social network profiles. All thanks to the union of the Metaverse with blockchain technology.

▶ Interaction between users

The interaction between users, and between brands and users, in the Metaverse, is closer and more intuitive. More natural and similar to the interaction in reality. Thanks to the Metaverse, we will move from clicks and hyperlinks to a true immersive interaction.

▶ Decentralization and accessibility.

The Metaverso belongs and will belong to everyone.. There will be no "owner of the Metaverse" and users will be able to enter from anywhere in the world, eliminating geopolitical and socioeconomic barriers.

▶ Immersive

As mentioned above, the Metaverse goes beyond social network profiles or hyperlinked interaction on web pages. Three-dimensional worlds are traveled in first-person view. Fully integrating ourselves into the environment.

▶ Complements reality.

The Metaverse is not an alternative reality. The Metaverse is a extension, an extension of our reality. It is intertwined and connected with everything that happens in the real world, so that what is done in one place will have repercussions in the other, i.e., the Metaverse is constant in time.

▶ Digital assets

In addition to presenting a new interaction between users, the Metaverse also represents a new new interaction for business. Digital assets are bought and exchanged, just as material goods are bought and exchanged in the real world. That is why the tokensthe NFTs and the cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly relevant for digital businesses.

Benefits of the Metaverse for companies

The main advantage of the Metaverse is that it is a technology that adapts to all types of companies and industries.

From revolutionizing the way we educate and train children and professionals alike, to boosting creativity with new ways of representing the most abstract conceptsdevelop simulations, immersive experiences or phygital environments to take the emotional connection, engagement and loyalty between brands and users to the next level.

Thus, the Metaverse is positioned as the great technological trend and digital space to which commerce, entertainment, leisure, culture and business are expected to move over the next few years.

The following is an analysis of the main benefits and advantages of incorporating the Metaverse into the day-to-day operations of companies:

1. Improving productivity and training in the companies.

The irruption of the Metaverse, the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in business activities revolutionizes two key aspects of any factory or industrial company: the productivity and the employee training.

Through the use of virtual simulations, companies are able to anticipate results and save costs thanks to testing in the virtual universe, being able to make changes in strategy and assembly lines through 3D models. In addition, these controlled spaces will improve safety. of the entire plant, operator training and occupational risk prevention.

2. Fostering creativity and innovation

The arrival of the Metaverse brings with it a new digital revolution The new technology is affecting all companies, large and small, just as the development of web pages (known as Web1) or the emergence of social networks (Web2) did in their day.

This new entrepreneurial ecosystem represents a creative and innovative challenge for all sectors, where in addition to adapting current business models to the virtual world, companies have the opportunity to create new strategies, market lines and explore new possibilities.

3. Decentralization and accessibility

Users who enter the different virtual worlds developed may be located anywhere in the worldThis will eliminate geopolitical and socioeconomic barriers, democratizing electronic commerce and the internationalization of companies.

Thanks to different virtual reality devices, such as virtual glasses or immersive web spaces, events and meetings will connect people from different parts of the world in the same space in a more interactive and personal way through virtual reality. first person and of the virtual avatars

4. New forms of differentiation

The arrival of the Metaverse represents a major differentiation opportunity for companies thanks to the design and development of customized spaces and unique gamified experiences that reflect the essence of the products and the company. 

This means that its presence in the virtual universe becomes one of the most important key points of branding and brand positioning.

5. Closer interactions with users

Through the Extended Reality technologies, the interactions with customers/users are more close and intuitive (more humanized) with the development of virtual spaces and recreations of physical spaces in the digital world, where the user experience is more comfortable and realistic as the interactions in reality. 

6. New markets and lines of business

One of the great advantages offered by the Metaverse is its own development as a global market, where new socio-economic exchanges are expected to emerge in the coming years. In addition to new digital and technological jobs. 

New companies developed to 100% will also emerge in the metaverse and new lines of business for more traditional companies through their digital metamorphosis.

7. New digital economic assets

Banking is one of the business sectors that will be most transformed by the arrival of the Metaverse. Not only because of the irruption of the cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) that will change transactions at the international level, but also because of the entry of the users themselves into this virtual world.

These coins will be an important part of the new interactions in the Metaverse: the virtual money to spend in virtual spaces (to buy products for both worlds: the real and the virtual).

8. Revolution in health

Since the development of more accessible and intuitive information and consultation areas For all audiences, with special attention to the elderly, to the creation of simulations and personalized virtual therapies, the implementation of the Metaverse in the field of health covers a large number of activities. 

9. Education of future generations

The Metaverse not only allows to develop more immersive and interactive experiences. It also makes it possible to recreate environments and even virtual campuses that, in an active and personalized way, feed the curiosity and involvement of students. Thanks to the innovations of the Extended Reality, teachers can enrich and deepen the learning programs, being able to teach with support from hologramswith interactive 3D models and becoming guides for these digital natives through different 3D worlds dedicated to science, history, nature... Technological solutions to enjoy the subjects as we had never imagined.

Future of the Metaverse in companies

The future of companies lies in the Metaverse. Undoubtedly, this new technological ecosystem represents the next step in the digital metamorphosis of companies. 

Today, consumers and users are looking for experiences, services and products that are increasingly differentiated, attractive and unique, where the Metaverso positions itself as the key player thanks to its great creative and innovative potential.

Whether in education, health care, industry, entertainment or retail, the Metaverse represents a new interaction channel y communication where new technologies, in addition to improving its power and performance, add a new layer: the humanization. Forever changing the human-machine relationship as we know it today.

A relationship that will be possible thanks to the integration of all revolutionary technologies within the Metaverse that have been emerging in recent years.

Thanks to the union of the Artificial Intelligence, 5G (and future 6G) connectivity, the deepening of the Internet of Things (IoT), real-time data collection and analytics, and the increasingly immersive and humanized experiences of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the Metaverso will become more and more present in our day-to-day lifeas both users and companies.

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