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In the constant search for innovation in the world of marketing and advertising, the Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as a powerful tool to revolutionize the interaction with users/customers. Every day, more and more brands are betting on the experiential marketing and the creation of more immersive, interactive and differential campaigns.

Nowadays, Augmented Reality is a key technology for this type of experience because of the great impact and also for its versatility.

AR actions can be performed on mobile devices such as AR filters, such as our Adobe Max projectwhere we created an Augmented Reality filter on Instagram and Facebook.

The following can also be carried out interactive gymkhanas around the city or also on a large scale in outdoor advertising (D.O.O.H, digital out of home) or in the physical store itself with photocalls, shop windows and interactive fitting rooms.

In this article we will focus on the main advertising Augmented Reality experiences that brands in all types of sectors can implement. Redefining the digital and in-person strategy of marketing campaigns, as well as the user experience.

What is Augmented Reality?

Before delving into the experiences of Augmented Reality in the advertising world, its advantages and most significant examples, it is important to review what Augmented Reality is all about.

This concept is defined as technology that combines the real world with the digital world, superimposing virtual elements on reality itself. With the Augmented Reality real and virtual environments intermingle, creating interactive experiences accessible from mobile devices and phygital installations. Augmented Reality enhances user perception and experience, becoming an integral component in advertising and marketing.

Objectives of an Augmented Reality advertising campaign

If there is an area where the innovationthe creativity and the fun are key factors to connect with the audience, is in marketing and advertising promotion campaigns.

In these areas, games, 3D animations, photocalls and interactive showcases have a positive impact on the public in an original and fun way. At the same time, they revolutionize the brand image and capturing the attention of all users

In addition to its scalability as promotional objectives are achieved, this type of Augmented Reality-based advertising offers brands the ability to analysis and measurement capabilities both in digital and in-person marketing strategies. Obtaining relevant data such as dwell time, visitors' contact email and the number of impacts per hour and day.

In the following, we will review in detail the main objectives that seeks to achieve an advertising campaign with Augmented Reality (AR).

▶ Increase company engagement.

AR experiences, more than any text or image ad, generate greater emotional impact on the user. Making the interaction between the brand and the users last in time. This means the generation of a more intense memory of the brand and advertising action and more powerful responses from consumers.

▶ Reinforce brand positioning.

Augmented Reality allows you to take your brand storytelling to the next level, making your actions more effective and more relevant. immersive and interactivewhere the user becomes an active part of the story.

This reinforces the brand positioning by emotionally engaging users and generating more creative and differential experiences compared to the competition.

▶ Improve conversion rate.

The experiences of Augmented Reality applied to the advertising world achieve increase the conversion rate of campaigns. The user's time of permanence is multiplied, as well as the power of purchase decision. Linked to this is the incorporation of new data capture strategies in more traditional advertising formats, such as billboards, television or shop windows.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Advertising

There are a large number of benefits of implementing augmented reality in advertising. Here are the 4 most relevant ones.

High emotional impact

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of interactive shop windows and the rest of the advertising actions in Augmented Reality is the strong positive emotional impact among users, irrespective of their age. Using the gamification as a way to connect with the public, making them part of the immersive experience focused on the essence of the brand, generating a great memory and emotional bond.

One of the best examples of this is the AR experiences of The 'Route of the Flowers' of the Pilar Festivitieswhere through 7 experiences users could learn about the curiosities, history and monuments of Zaragoza through the statues that came to life in Augmented Reality.

2. Measuring results in face-to-face marketing

With this type of promotional actions it is now possible to measuring the impact of face-to-face marketing.

Interactive experiences can be adapted to all kinds of measurement strategies. From collecting contact emails from participants in AR games to the number of photos taken by photocalls and impacts per hour and day of these digital showcases. Completely revolutionizing the analysis of campaigns more experiential marketing.

An example of this type of action can be found at the shopping center La Torre Outletwhich has several interactive Augmented Reality totems through which users can make their own photographs and participate in raffles.

3. Adaptable to all types of promotional actions

Participant rankings, gamified challenges, AR games on mobile devices, immersive photocalls, interactive showcases... Augmented Reality experiences can be adapted to all kinds of initiatives and objectives.

All this in order to make the advertising action a branded event, where the user is the real protagonist. A customization of the technology that covers all points, from the external aesthetics and interface to the complementary functionalities. Creating AR games such as those developed for the Zaragoza City Council in the initiative Connected Art.

4. New forms of differentiation

These immersive technologies make it possible to innovate and go beyond current marketing campaigns, fostering the brand creativity and also its differentiation with the competition.

All thanks to the design and development of customized spaces and unique gamified experiences that reflect the essence of the products and the company. Thus converting your innovation in one of the key points of branding and brand positioning.

A great example is the Movistar Flagship Stores projectwhere we created AR filters developed for the promotion of the series and programs of Movistar + in its stores.

Examples of Augmented Reality in advertising: Kimchi!

A Kimchi! or Interactive Showcase is a phygital experience that utilizes the Augmented Reality to bring the virtual universe into the physical world.

Through animations, special effects, gamified challenges and photocalls, users are immersed in a completely new and virtual world that is generated around them. All for revolutionizing physical presence and the brands' promotional actions attracting all eyes.

These large-scale Augmented Reality experiences are one of the most innovative trends of the DOOH marketing (digital out of home) where the presence, immediacy and proximity of face-to-face actions are combined with the latest advances in the digital world in terms of personalization, interaction and dashboards.

Thanks to these experiences, the essence of the brand reaches users in a totally groundbreaking, entertaining and fun way.

Augmented Reality applications in advertising by sector

Augmented Reality in advertising is present in different sectorsThe following are some of the most important ones.

▶ Entertainment

Undoubtedly, these Augmented Reality experiences make the great dream of every viewer come true: to immerse ourselves in the world of science fiction to become the real protagonists, taking storytelling beyond the screen.

We find innovative actions with a great emotional impact, as in the interactive showcase developed together with Disney and El Corte Inglés to promote one of the latest films of the Star Wars saga. Where fans, passing in front of the glass, are automatically transformed into characters of the story.

Learn more about this project→ Kimchi! Star Wars

▶ Retail

Augmented Reality in large dimensions can achieve up to transforming the shopping experience of an entire shopping center through technology.

For example, by transporting the public to new 3D worlds, such as the interactive savanna that the Grancasa shopping center launched a major experiential marketing campaign. Thanks to immersive technologies and a scenography of more than 100 m², visitors enjoyed a great family adventure. A unique proposal that motivates the call effect by involving users in the promotional action.

▶ Business

Augmented Reality, the creativity and fun of these interactive experiences have a place even in the corporate environment, thanks to the use of gamification as a way to connect with users/customers.

This is a different way of presenting the company's image and generate a positive memory which translates into notoriety, positioning and future commercial sales.

These interactive Augmented Reality Kimchi!s open up a new world of promotional possibilities at a business level, such as in the case of Ibercaja. Thanks to the interactive Augmented Reality experience installed outside their headquarters, users can interact with the brand in a totally differential way. Knowing its values and essence immersing in the Ebro, "the river that unites us".

▶ Tourism and Culture

Augmented Reality advertising experiences span all types of industries, including the tourism and cultural sector. Where these interactive spaces, with challenges and photocalls, manage to immerse the public in new environments that encourage participation and let the imagination fly.

For example, teleporting to other places through immersive technology, discovering new cultures using different AR games or even taking a great souvenir of the place, even before visiting it in person through tests and challenges.

As a project, we highlight the stand of Aragon at the International Fair of the Tourism FITUR where, thanks to a Augmented Reality photocall visitors created their own comic of the Aragonese route, visiting through this interactive showcase the different tourist areas of the territory.

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Augmented Reality projects in advertising campaigns with Imascono

At Imascono we know that the future of advertising is through the creation of interactive and immersive experiences that users fall in love with and that generate a real emotional connection. This is why Augmented Reality is positioned as one of the main technologies to be developed at an advertising level.

Our team has been more than 12 years developing Augmented Reality experiences both nationally and internationally. With our methodology we accompany you throughout the process, from conceptualization to final implementation.

We focus on understanding your specific objectives and requirements in order to provide you with the best possible solution. efficient and high quality solution. Do you need an Augmented Reality experience for your marketing and advertising campaign?Contact with us y we will transform your campaign with immersive, inspiring and interactive experiences!


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