5 characteristics of Digital Transformation

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We live in the midst of the digital era. Our way of relating, entertaining ourselves, consuming, learning, socializing and even working is, in one way or another, in the digital world. That is why the digital transformation of our businesses is the main strategy of our companies.. Not only for the future, but also for the present.

Today we will analyze the main characteristics of digital transformation for companies. A series of tools and advantages that revolutionize all areas and departments, from production to marketing and customer experience.

What is Digital Transformation?

Before getting to know its characteristics, it is necessary to review what it is and how we define the concept of digital transformation.

This is defined as the set of organizational or business strategies that drive a process of continuous and systematic change, using for that purpose digital tools, innovative methodologies y best practices that entail a change in the culture and way of working of the companies.

Digital transformation is not just about technology, it is also the corporate culture, people management y leadershipThe challenges presented by today's markets and rapid technological development are two factors driving companies to focus not only on digitalization of their products/services, but also on their products/services. These two factors are driving companies to invest not only in the digitization of their products/services but also in the development of new products and services. transform their business models.

Benefits of digital transformation

Betting on digital transformation offers a series of benefits for companies, regardless of their size and sector. Digital transformation is a change of mindset that drives us to innovate in a constant and systematized way. Where creativity and technology come together to connect with customers/users in a unique way. 

These are their 4 main benefits:

▶ Boosting the future

Digital transformation is synonymous with innovation to the future. It is the constant search for adaptation to the market, with the development of new business models that position the company in its sector. In addition, drives differentiation from the competitioninnovation and creativity.

▶ Improved communication

Companies and individuals move in digital environments, and it is essential to have the latest technologies, methodologies and tools for maintaining interaction and communication.

One of the latest trends in digital transformation of companies is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence. As far as communication is concerned, generative AI in companies is materialized, for example, in virtual assistants. Hyper-realistic 3D avatars, which speed up and personalize the interaction with users/customers. Being able to meet their needs and questions, offering specific and high quality information. A revolution in customer service.

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▶ Increased task efficiency.

Digital transformation goes beyond moving the business to the digital world, digital transformation involves revolutionizing the business modeltransforming the entire value chain. Seeking speed, operational efficiency, access to information and profitability of resources.

In this regard, the gamification plays a very important role in increasing task efficiency. By enabling real-time data visualization and a user experience (customer or even employee) that facilitates the access to information and the decision making.

A new way of managing dataThe tasks and results that can be introduced even in shopping malls, as in the case of the La Torre Outletwhich has CMS in WebApp which functions as the nerve center for controlling campaigns, offers, events, brands and staff profiles.

▶ Increased user satisfaction.

User/customer expectations have never been higher. They demand personalized servicesThe aim is to ensure that they take place in the shortest possible time, that they can be automated and that they are managed digitally, without relying on the traditional contact via telephone call or face-to-face appointment.

This is why digital transformation is a increased user satisfactionenriching the relationship with them. One of the clearest advantages of digitalization in business is that robust digital tools and strategies can be implemented to reach new levels of segmentation, bringing the brand closer to the ideal audience.

Main characteristics of digital transformation

Once it is clear that the main benefits of digital transformation of companies, it is time to take a closer look at their characteristics.

Here we present the 5 most important characteristics:


Innovation and technological integration

One of the main characteristics of the digital transformation in companies is the constant technology integrationThe company's goal is to take advantage of the connection of all the technological tools, both those already implemented and the most innovative ones, to continue optimizing and improving the company's processes and strategies.

Digital transformation is not so much about adopting as many new technologies as possible, but about knowing how to integrate them with the technological/digital ecosystem the company already has. Always putting our customer (their tastes and needs) and the company's strategy (objectives, values and future vision) at the center.

Cultural change

Digital transformation is characterized by the generation of a cultural change in companiesalways keeping flexibility and innovation in mind. Without a corporate culture prepared for change, companies cannot adapt to the fast-paced and dynamic market. 

At present, the trends, tools, consumer tastes y technologies change at lightning speed and only companies with a complete digital transformation and innovation culture will be able to cope with them.

Digital skills

Undoubtedly, one of the most important characteristics of digital transformation in companies is the pursuit of continuous training of our professionals.

No digital skills and knowledge of new technologiesIn addition, companies may not be able to know the concrete benefits for their business nor can they plan actions to integrate them into their strategies.

Productivity and efficiency through automation

Digital transformation represents a new step in the increase in productivity of the companies.

Thanks, for example, to the management of data and content by means of CMS platforms y WebAppsIn this way, it is possible to automate tasks, facilitate decision making, generate dashboards specific to the needs of each company and obtain specific data from all digital spaces in real time.


Analytics and Big Data

One of the main characteristics of the digital transformation is the integration of the data culture in companies. Proper data management means for companies not only to know their customers in depth, but also to be able to detect market trends and new business opportunities before anyone else.

All this thanks to the collection of information from different databases, a correct analysis based on company-specific parameters and, undoubtedly, thanks to a real-time data visualization with interfaces and graphics designed by UX/UI professionals. Where access to information is clear, fast and focused on decision making.

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Digital transformation through Imascono

At Imascono we go one step beyond digital transformation. Together with our partners/customers, we strive for a true digital transformation. virtual transformation. A metamorphosis of his entire business model by incorporating the latest innovations and technological advances into their companies. Thus becoming the pioneers, the innovators, in their own markets and sectors.

Always putting the users at the center, looking for humanizing technologyThe company's interactions and impacts on the real protagonists of this Digital Transformation: human beings.

Our team of technologists and engineers works every day to adapt the latest technologies to the needs of our customers. Spatial Computing e Artificial Intelligence to each company. Empowering their business models and helping them to make the leap into the new virtual era of the business world.

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