What is a virtual avatar and what are its characteristics?

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The digital world has marked a before and after in how people, and even companies, represent their identity and interact with the rest of the users.

Through nicknames, photographs, illustrations, chatbots and 3D avatars, our identity is strengthened in the digital world. Going beyond being just a digital extension of the users, to become, nowadays, the projection of our identity, our aspirations, our essence and ideals. It is the avatars that allow us to humanizing our interactions in the virtual world.

In this article we will review what is a virtual avatar and how it is transforming interactions on the Internet, in video games, on the Metaverse and Virtual Reality.

In addition, we will explain how, through the union of the 3D avatars with the Generative Artificial Intelligence, is transforming the digital identity not only of individuals, but also of companies. With humanized representations that are created and customized taking into account the personality, essence, values and sales pitch of each company.

What is a virtual avatar?

Before we delve into the virtual avatars of Artificial Intelligence, it is important to review the definition of what is an avatar and how it has gradually become essential to our interactions in the digital world.

At the present time, our digital presence has the same relevance as our physical presenceand in many cases, even more weight.

The relevance of virtual avatars lies in their ability to humanize interactions in the virtual world. With the main purpose of provide a visual identity to userswith which to interact, communicate and navigate in the virtual world with a defined and personalized presence.

These, in addition, go beyond the nickname or user profiles, by adding the nonverbal language in the interactions with the rest of the users. Giving us the possibility to express ourselves through gestures and emotions.

Types of avatars on the Internet

At present, there are different types of avatars on the Internet.

  • On the one hand, there are the virtual avatars of video gameswhose characteristics, skills and actions are defined for exclusive use in the specific game.
  • On the other hand, we find the virtual avatars of the Metaverseof experiences of Extended Reality and virtual platforms on the web. These differ from the previous ones in that they are the means to socialize and interact, to represent our identity, values and interests. They are not an instrument to move through the video game, they are the virtual representation of our personal brand.
  • Now, we are witnessing the arrival of a new type of virtual avatars. The Artificial Intelligence virtual avatars. Thanks to generative AI, it is the avatar itself that interacts with the rest of the users. An ideal solution especially for companies, who through AI avatars humanize their brand.

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Benefits of virtual avatars on digital identity

As mentioned above, digital identity is becoming increasingly important in our interaction with other people.. In many cases, our digital presence is almost the only thing they know about us. This is why virtual avatars are becoming more and more widespread, especially in the new digital era of the Metaverse, video games and 3D virtual spaces.

In the following, we will analyze the main benefits of virtual avatars in digital identity.

▶ Facilitates social interaction

Avatars are not merely static images, they are humanize the digital experience by facilitating social interaction with other users. The choice of an avatar facilitates the instant recognitionespecially if it has been customized and its image has been taken care of to the maximum detail. Providing our personal seal.

▶ Represents and self-defines people.

Nowadays communication often occurs without face-to-face interaction. Where the avatar acts as our letter of introduction. Through this three dimensional representation, an individual can communicate, at first glance, aspects of their personality, interests, hobbies and ideals.

One of the main benefits of the virtual avatar is its capacity for self-definitionreflecting how each individual wishes to be perceived by the digital community. Where they can also experience and explore aspects of their personality that would not be possible in physical reality.

▶ Humanize brands

Not only individuals can have virtual avatars, but companies also find great benefits in generating a virtual avatar. humanized virtual representation of your brand.

This avatar can represent the main values of the brandThe avatars have a personality in line with the company's branding and, most importantly, interact with users/customers in a much closer and natural way. These avatars also function as virtual assistants, guides that accompany users in a new revolution of customer service in the digital world.

Virtual Avatars in Virtual Reality and in the Metaverse

With the arrival of new experiences in the Virtual Reality and in the Metaverse, new ways of deepening our presence and interaction in the digital world are also appearing. Where virtual avatars are becoming more and more important.

Importance of virtual avatars in Virtual Reality

Virtual avatars in the Virtual Reality (VR) allow the experience to be much more immersive and three-dimensionalYou can interact with other users in first person, as if they were really next to you.

In this case, the customization is much more advanced and with greater interactivity with all users and other virtual elements. But what really makes the experience different from the rest of the Virtual Reality with virtual avatars is the sensory response that it generates in the users themselves.

We are the ones who decide where to focus our attention and where to walk with our virtual avatar. Where on a sensory level, the The boundary between the real and the virtual is blurred.

An experience that undoubtedly exemplifies the potential of virtual avatars in Virtual Reality is the world of The Twists and Turns of Life. A virtual neighborhood where avatars can socialize, play different mini-games and discover the different 3D spaces together with other users.

Characteristics of the virtual avatar in the Metaverse

In relation to the new virtual worlds in the Metaverse, avatars represent a leap in terms of immersion and interaction. Not only do they allow users to customize their presence in these worlds, but they can also do so with the latest developments in hyperrealism.

In the metaverse, it is already possible to generate a avatar 100% in our own image and likeness with the latest photogrammetry techniques. As in the case of the Metaverse of Metrovacesa and the transfer to the virtual world of its CEO through a hyper-real virtual avatar.

The incorporation of avatars in the Metaverse spaces also allows, collect a large amount of data on user interaction and behavior. These avatars leave a trail of interactions, clicks and add-on selections that allow brands to study users, personalize content and generate customer-centric experiences.

How to create a virtual avatar

The creation of a virtual avatar depends directly on the platform, core technology, experience and intended use. If you want to create a virtual avatar on a third-party platformIf you want to customize the software, all the customization will depend on the options offered by that platform. 

The creation of a virtual avatarl in a Virtual Reality or Metaverse space of its own allows to go further, developing 3D elements, complements and different physical aspects so that the avatars have the maximum customization chosen by the brand.

Finally, in the case of the virtual avatars with Artificial IntelligenceThis personalization goes beyond its physical appearance. Equally important is their training in content, personality development and the generation of gestures and emotions that actually allow the AI avatar to interact on its own with users.

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