Artificial Intelligence Avatar: definition and main uses

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Artificial Intelligence has arrived in our daily lives in many ways. In the content generation, in the analysis of thousands of data in real time, in the analysis of thousands of data in real time and also in the way we interact in the new virtual world.

Thanks to their ability to mimic human intelligence, AI tools are revolutionizing the area of virtual avatars. Giving rise to the new era of Artificial Intelligence avatars.

The avatar equipped with Artificial Intelligence is the next big leap from the chatbots and virtual assistants we are more accustomed to.

Virtual avatars are the digital representations of our identityare our vehicle to interact with the rest of the users and also our way to go through the new virtual worlds.

However, thanks to Generative Artificial Intelligence, these virtual representations are much more realists y humanized. With AI avatars that can be customized not only visually, but also in terms of personality and emotions. Two key aspects also for companies, being able to count on new virtual members that revolutionize customer service in the digital universe.

In this article we will analyze the role that AI avatars play in the digital transformation of companies. An innovative way of incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology with the user experience, humanized treatment and hyper-personalized interactions in mind.

What is an AI-enabled avatar?

Before we delve into how to create a Artificial Intelligence avatarIn order to understand their benefits and impacts, it is necessary to review what they are.. At its most basic, a digital avatar is the graphical representation of a person in the virtual world. However, the capabilities of avatars equipped with AI tools can go much further.

If we combine the avatar with the new AI technology, the new "virtual beings". Avatars that can interact by themselves with the rest of the users. All thanks to their training and personalization in relation to information, language styles, gestures and personality.

At the enterprise level, these AI-enabled avatars are the representation of brand values y commercial speech. Thanks to the latest innovations in hyperrealism and AI tools, these avatars can be developed with a personality in line with the company's branding, with prior training in specific personalized content and with a range of gestures and emotions that can be used in a variety of ways. humanize the interaction between users and the brand in the digital world.

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Evolution of intelligent avatars

From avatars to virtual beings. Avatars or virtual characters have evolved from simple graphic representations, illustrations and nicknames, to real digital beings capable of interacting in a very different way. autonomous y personalized in virtual environments.

Nowadays communication often occurs without face-to-face interaction. Where the avatar acts as our letter of introduction in the digital world.

Over time, the development of these avatars has evolved. Both at the physical level, with a higher hyper-realistic graphic quality, and at the interaction level, with greater fluency when it comes to conversing and expressing emotions autonomously. Humanizing Artificial Intelligence. A breakthrough made possible by the latest AI tools and personalized pre-training.

Main uses of AI avatars

The use of AI avatars goes beyond simply being our digital representation. This technology allows us to positively impact a multitude of industries and applications, both at the user and enterprise level.

Below, we tell you about the main uses of the avatar with Artificial Intelligence.

Personalized training and education

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence avatars allow us to develop a new form of personalized tutoring. Both at the level of education in schools and universities and at the level of professional training.

Thanks to pre-training and customization in their language, these avatars can be incorporated into the training system as learning support of the students.

AI-enabled avatars can answer your questions, offer them advice and even ask them questions that help them to internalize the subjects. All, in addition, with the registration of their scores and evaluation, developing a database on the evolution of their learning that helps teachers to receive a personalized analysis of each student.

Customer service and user experience

With avatars equipped with Artificial Intelligence, a new era of digital customer service. Leaving chatbots behind, AI avatars are becoming the new virtual members of companies, offering personalized customer service and capable of providing all kinds of answers thanks to their previous training.

An Artificial Intelligence that contains all the information about the company's products and servicesThe company's product management system, which can make recommendations and directly connects customers with the most suitable product based on their needs. Revolutionizing the user experience both in e-commerce and corporate websites, as well as in physical customer service points, as in the case of the intelligent avatar of Cervantes IA. A virtual avatar of the most important writer of Spanish literature that offers users all kinds of answers and recommendations to learn about his history, his novel and the emblematic places of Castilla La Mancha.

Virtual assistants

These AI avatars also represent a revolution for business productivity. They can be trained for in-house assistance, being a communication support y management for companies of all sizes.

Through these virtual assistants equipped with Artificial Intelligence, employees can quickly access information, make queries and resolve their doubts on specific topics. All thanks to the previous training of the avatar with large databases. Being a guidance on Big Data analysis of companies complying with all cybersecurity requirements.

Execution of tasks

Going one step further than the previous applications, AI avatars can also be programmed to perform tasks. From finalizing an order for customers to booking internal meetings within companies. The future of user experience The most fluid, fast and effective interaction between people and technology, where an avatar equipped with Artificial Intelligence acts as a bridge between the two sides.

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Current challenges of avatars with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential to improve the quality of people's lives, but it also has major challenges to face, including the social acceptance, ethics and privacy.

The development of AI tools is in full growth and it is necessary for companies to keep in mind the ethical and social aspects for further innovationWe are aware of the limits to which, as a society, we are willing to go.

We are at the beginning of the new technological world that Artificial Intelligence offers us and we must be aware of who are the real of all these innovations: the people who are the protagonists of these innovations.. Therefore, it is vital to respect privacy and ethical aspects.

Our Artificial Intelligence avatar project: V-E-G-A

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