How to work in the Metaverse with your company: characteristics and steps

April 15, 2024 admin

In recent years, we have seen how the digital world has become increasingly important in our society, and also in our businesses. The Internet has become the showcaseThe company is the connection point and main source of income for a large number of companies, and its importance is growing every day.

Companies are immersed in an accelerated process of digital transformation to adapt our business models to the new digital ecosystem. But companies are not the only ones evolving, the Internet itself is evolving. This is how the concept of the 3D Internet or Metaverse was born, where our digital presence will be more and more more immersive, more customized and more humanized.

In this article we would like to delve into how companies can work in the MetaverseHow to get the most out of this new virtual space to revolutionize your digital presence. In addition to the most demanded profiles and the benefits that the Metaverse offers to companies.

Potential of the Metaverse in the present and future

Metaverse3D Internet, Extended Reality, Spatial Computing... are different terms that refer to the same concept: that idea of extending reality, making the interaction between the real world and the virtual world is more natural, more humanized.

Going a step beyond static websites, social media profiles and links and hyperlinks. Being able to superimpose digital elements on the reality itself or teleporting us to immersive virtual spaceswhere interaction is no longer through a mouse or keyboard, we ourselves are the ones who move through the digital world.

The Metaverse, as a unique virtual universe of multiple linked three-dimensional digital worlds, is under construction.  Little by little, brands have been developing their Metaverse experiences in their own immersive 3D spaces, accessible from today's most democratized devices, cell phones and computers. 

In the future, it is expected that this interaction within the Metaverse will take place through the new devices of Extended RealityThe company's latest generation of VR glasses, Mixed Reality headsets and new Spatial Computing devices. In addition to the futuristic haptic suits and even the possible XR contact lenses that are already starting to have patents registered.

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Main advantages of working in the Metaverse

As we have seen, the Metaverse is positioned as the the next generation of the Internetthe 3D Internetin which we can enjoy an immersive, three-dimensional and multisensory experience thanks to the combination of different devices and technologies.

Bringing your company into the Metaverse ecosystem features múltiples ventajas. Both internally and externally, the virtual spaces in the corporate Metaverse offer:

Closer interaction with users

This new virtual universe is a unique opportunity to humanize our interaction with users in the digital world. Creating closer, more intuitive connections that go beyond hyperlinks and social media profiles. 

In the Metaverse we have our own avatarour own world, where users are freer to discover our brand. Virtual spaces where we can also organize trainings, events and product presentations open to everyone.

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New markets and lines of business

One of the most important advantages offered by the Metaverse is the development of its own global marketThe new socio-economic exchanges are expected to emerge in the coming years. In addition to new digital and technological jobs as we will see below.

In this new digital ecosystem there will also be room for 100% 'metaversian' companies and new, more traditional lines of business through their digital metamorphosis. New markets such as the one driven by Exclusive Traveler Club through Exclusiversea virtual web space where the world's No. 1 travel club brings together its more than 80,000 members in a Metaverse where community, loyalty and new memberships based on NFTs technology are encouraged.

Improved productivity and training

The irruption of the Metaverse and its complementary technologies (Spatial Computing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) in business activities revolutionizes two key aspects of any industrial/business company: the productivity and the worker training.

Through 3D simulations, companies are able to anticipate results and save costs thanks to testing in the virtual universe. Being able to make modifications to the strategy and assembly line through 3D models.

In addition, these controlled virtual spaces promote the active participation of professionals in the training process. All thanks to the gamification and the development of challenges and rankings.

Fostering creativity and innovation

The corporate Metaverse brings with it a new digital revolution The new technology is affecting all companies, regardless of their size, just as the development of web pages and the emergence of social networks did in their day. 

This new digital ecosystem represents a creative and innovative challenge for all sectors. Where, in addition to adapting current business models to the new virtual channel, companies have the opportunity to generate new value propositions, with new strategies, new lines of business. Exploring new possibilities.

Most demanded professional profiles

All this leap into the Metaverse requires the appropriate team of people. In addition to carrying out this digital transformation accompanied by professionals specialized in designing and developing these interactive products for companies, it is important that the company itself has a series of professional profiles. People who can provide continuity in content and updates to this new space and communication channel for organizations.

Below, we present you the 5 most in-demand professional profiles in the corporate Metaverse:

Designers and developers

These new virtual spaces need professionals who design the user experience and interface and develop the 3D elements and programming. behind all interactions.

Technical professionals that can be internal or external teams, who know how to transfer the essence and objectives of the company to the new digital worlds.

2. Data Scientists

One of the most important characteristics of the Metaverse is the number of interactions and actions generated in these virtual spaces. For this reason, companies must have data professionals in their teams who know how to to collect all these analytics, analyze them and find patterns and trends in behavior. Proper data analysis provides companies with a deep knowledge and understanding of their users.

Digital marketing

The Metaverse becomes a new channel of communication and interaction with users/customersTherefore, it must have digital marketing professionals who take advantage of all the new opportunities offered by this virtual ecosystem.

These marketers need to be technologically savvy and knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field. creative technologies, Extended Reality and Marketing 5.0.

4. Cybersecurity experts

This leap of companies to the virtualization of their services requires that there are cybersecurity experts supervising all actions that are carried out. A cybersecurity specialist is a professional who is dedicated to protecting computer systems, networks and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

These virtual spaces will be meeting points, points of sale and information exchange between many users, so that all interactions must be based on the following security measures adequate.

5. Chief Metaverse Officer

At the management level, we find the position of Chief Metaverse OfficerThe person responsible for the development and maintenance of a company's online presence in the Metaverse.

A person with a deep knowledge of video games and the Web3 ecosystem, who in addition to the technical aspects, get to know the creative side of the marketThe company's community and actions in the virtual universe.

Work in the Metaverse with your company

At Imascono we know that the present and future of companies goes through the Metaverse. For this reason, we have a whole area specialized in the development of experiences for the corporate Metaverse called Business To Metaverse.

Through our work methodology and the experience of more than 12 years of activity in the Extended Reality ecosystem, Spatial Computing and Artificial Intelligencewe have accompanied companies such as Iberdrola, DKV o Metrovacesa in its leap into this new virtual ecosystem.

If you want to know how to start working in the Metaverse and you need a team to accompany you in this technological leap, get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.


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