What is the future of the Metaverse?

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What do you imagine the future of the Internet to be like? From the digital world? The technology sector has been asking this question for some time and the answer is becoming increasingly clear.

Our presence on the Internet will be increasingly more immersive, more customized y more humanized. Going beyond the current hyperlinks, screens and Social Media profiles to have a true presence in the digital world. The future of the Internet, it is the Metaverse.

The Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize social interaction, virtual economy, education, entertainment, leisure, tourism... providing great opportunities for brands and users.

The Metaverse is under construction, and this technology is expected to mark a before and after in the developments in the technology sector. In this article we go one step beyond the Metaverse today. All to delve into its future.

What is the Metaverse?

Before venturing into the future of the Metaverse, it is necessary to review what this technology consists of. The Metaverse can be defined as a large virtual world composed of multiple interconnected digital worlds. Where humans we interact socially and economically through avatars, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, in interactive and gamified 3D spaces.

The central idea of this new ecosystem is humanizing the virtual world and our digital presence thanks to the incorporation of the latest innovations in the field of Virtual RealityAugmented Reality, web3, multiplayer system and blockchain technologies.

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The Metaverse today

The Metaverse is, at present, one of the main technological trends. Since the strategic change from Facebook to Meta, many large national and international companies have seen in this great virtual universe the way to continue innovating and adapting to the new digital ecosystem.

Like Meta, Apple, Microsoft... all of them have made their mark on the Metaverse and the new digital world as a strategic part of your business.

Beyond the technological bet of large companies, the Metaverse is also a major challenge. progress in digital metamorphosis for SMEs.

It is a technology that represents a before and after in the business strategyThe company is committed to innovation, technological creativity and the creation of a new channel of communication and interaction that will change forever the relationship between companies and consumers.

Today, the Metaverse has great potential in various business sectors. For example, in the retail sector, brands can generate virtual spaces where customers have the option to explore and purchase products interactively.

In the cultural sector, it is possible to recreate 3D experiences, such as the traditional Flower Offeringfor bringing culture to a wider public.

Also, in the tourism sector, it is possible to create virtual spaces of tourist destinations in order to extending the tourist experience beyond the stay at the destinationrevolutionizing the before, during and after the trip.

Tools to enter the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the next leap in the Internet, a virtual universe of interconnected worlds to which can be accessed from different devices and technologies. From our cell phones to Augmented Reality experiences to Virtual Reality headsets and goggles.

Their origins and software are different, but their objective is similar: eliminating the barriers between the real and the virtual.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the technology that combines the real world with the digital world. superimposing virtual elements on reality itself. Thanks to this immersive technology, the real and virtual environment and the real environment and the Metaverse intermingle. An example of the potential of Augmented Reality as a gateway to the Metaverse can be found in our Connected Art projectthe project AR web developed for the Paseos Comerciales initiative.

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Glasses

The Virtual Reality is the technology capable of immersing us in completely digital alternative worlds. 3D environments in which our senses cease to perceive the real world thanks to the total immersion through Virtual Reality glasses. The latest models of these goggles also incorporate the Mixed RealityThe virtual elements also interact with the real world. In other words, they combine in the same device the interaction of Virtual Reality with the visual power of Augmented Reality.

Webapps and 3D virtual spaces

3D virtual spaces and Webapps interactive are immersive web platforms where users can enjoy the Metaverse experience from their own mobile devices and through a URL.

Its main advantage is the accessibility y diffusiondirectly from a web browser. No downloads or updates. Users only need the Internet to connect to the companies' virtual universe, choosing their own avatar, interacting in multi-user mode and even making purchases and reservations.

This can be seen in two of Business To Metaverse's projects, the virtual worlds of Metrovacesa or the Exclusive Traveler Club.

The future of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is currently under construction. Little by little, brands have been developing their Metaverse experiences in your own immersive 3D spacesaccessible from today's most democratized devices, cell phones and computers.

At the same time, Virtual Reality glasses have been evolving, in terms of price, accessibility, democratization and, above all, quality of experiences, even incorporating Mixed Reality. Making the interaction between the real and virtual world and between the user and the companies, more and is becoming more and more integrated into our day-to-day lives.

This is the future of the Metaverse, the final integration into our lives and interaction with both people and machines. The Metaverse in the future will change the way we interact socially and economically in the digital world:

  • Closer, more intuitive and humanized interactions with users. Where the user experience will be more comfortable and realistic. Thanks to immersive and first-person experiences.
  • Digital identitywhere the Metaverse will mark the change in two key points: personalization and protection of our digital identity. All thanks to the blockchain, encrypted codes that will allow us to move through the different linked spaces.
  • Decentralization y accessibilityThis will eliminate geographical and socio-economic barriers, democratizing e-commerce and the internationalization of companies. A fact that will be boosted by the development of decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • Development of a new global marketThe new socio-economic exchanges, digital and technological jobs are expected to emerge in the coming years. New 100% metaversian companies and new lines of business for the more traditional companies through their digital metamorphosis.

Metaverse applications. Current and future.

At present, different Metaverse applications are already being worked on in sectors such as the health, marketing or education.

In the future, the Metaverse is expected to be integrated in the methodology, business development and in the interactions with users/customers in all industries.

In the following, we will analyze the key applications that will shape the future of the Metaverse in different sectors.

▶ Metaverse applications in marketing and advertising.

If there is a sector that advances almost at the same time as technological innovation, it is the marketing and advertising sector. Keeping abreast of trends and the continuous search for new new ways to attract users mark the starting point for the implementation of this new virtual dimension for consumer positioning and loyalty. 

Thanks to the development of spaces close to video games, brands not only manage to get closer to the new ecosystems of the younger audience, but they can also create true immersive experiences y customized. With the potential to be more immersive than any other form of advertising, and to experiential marketing by developing their own worlds overcoming physical limitations.

Furthermore, the future of the Metaverse involves the implementation of AI tools, also in the world of marketing and advertising. Based on the analysis of user data, their interests and preferences, the spaces in the Metaverse, in the future, will be able to transform in real time. Adapting content, advertisements and 3D spaces to the user.

▶ Metaverse health applications

The implementation of the Metaverse in the healthcare field encompasses a wide range of activities. From the development of more accessible and intuitive information and consultation areasThe aim is to create customized virtual simulations and therapies, taking advantage of the capacity of these technologies to work in controlled virtual environments.

Likewise, the future of the Metaverse in healthcare will provide more advanced tools and experiences also in the medical training y sanitary.

It will also make available to professionals all the information on procedures and patients' constants thanks to the implementation of Augmented Reality glasses during the interventions and the most advanced virtual reality glasses for the remote operations. Unprecedented breakthroughs that will revolutionize global medicine.

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▶ Metaverse retail applications

The future of the Metaverse in the retail sector will be defined by the creation of large virtual universes in which brands can develop unique experiences to explore all the possibilities of loyalty, branding and engagement. Taking the essence of the brand to new levels of creativity and innovation.

What is a fact is that the shopping experience will once again put consumers at the center with more efficient processes. accessible, intuitive y humanized.

The possibilities of this new technology in the retail range from the ultimate hybridization between physical and digital in omnichannel shopping, to the development of new value propositions. Virtual Reality WalkwaysThe creation of new business models with phygital collections (proposals for the real and the virtual world) or garments/products created exclusively for the Metaverse such as NFTs (digital objects) for our avatars.

▶ Metaverse applications in industry.

From the training of workers in the use and prevention of occupational hazards in secure environments, focused on tacit knowledge, to the possibility of knowing the operation of the entire plant, logistics and machinery of a company through 3D models and full-scale virtual simulations.

The future of the Metaverse in the industry will be focused both internally and externally, with simulations and 3D modelsmonitoring and evaluating any strategy and possible changes. 

It will also appear as support in the presentation at industrial fairs. Models that will be supported by Artificial Intelligence, which will allow the generation of more realistic simulations with a higher level of detail.

Learn more about the influence of Artificial Intelligence in the Metaverse.

▶ Metaverse applications in education.

In the education of future generations, the Metaverse not only allows for the development of more immersive e interactive. It also makes it possible to recreate environments and even virtual campuses that, in an active and personalized way, feed the curiosity and involvement of students.

Thanks to the innovations of the Extended Reality, teachers can enrich and deepen the learning programs, being able to teach with support from hologramswith interactive 3D models and becoming guides for these digital natives through different 3D worlds dedicated to science, history, nature... Technological solutions to enjoy the subjects as we had never imagined.

The future of business goes through the Metaverse

At Imascono we are aware that not only the future of the Internet lies in the Metaverse. Also, the future of companies. That is why we have a whole area specialized in the development of experiences for the corporate Metaverse called Business To Metaverse.

Through our work methodology and the experience of more than 10 years of activity in the Extended Reality ecosystem, we have accompanied companies like Telefónica, Iberdrola, Rafa Nadal Academy, elbullifoundation o Metrovacesa in their leap into this new virtual world.

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