Digital leisure as a new form of entertainment

May 10, 2024 admin

A new way to have fun and enjoy our free time has arrived. The digital leisure has been a trend since the expansion of the Internet and the growth of the world of video games, social networks and streaming platforms.

Now, this trend goes one step further with the incorporation of new immersive technologies. Where entertainment goes from storytelling at storyliving. From being mere spectators to being part of the action.

In today's article we are going to take a closer look at the concept of digital leisure and its linkage with the Extended Realitythe Spatial Computing and the Metaverse. In addition, we will learn about some of its the most important success stories, as well as the benefits it bringsto both users and companies.

What is digital leisure?

We understand as digital leisure all forms of entertainment that take place in the online world and/or through mobile/electronic devices. This type of entertainment takes advantage of the capabilities of the internet and digital technologies to connect with the audience, personalize content and encourage both the creation and consumption of all types of multimedia content.

Watch series and movies on streaming platformsThe new technology is also a great way to create and consume content on social networks, play online video games and explore immersive experiences in AR/VR are just some of the proposals.

Digital entertainment has transformed the way people enjoy our free time, connect with culture and, above all, the way we socialize. Opening up a new range of opportunities for entertainment companies and the corporate world in general, for connect with your users/customers.

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Types of entertainment in digital leisure

Technology is radically transforming entertainment. The first leap was the Internet and the birth of social networks and streaming platforms that made our way of relating to each other and enjoying our free time increasingly digital. 

However, since the advent of the Metaverse and the expansion of the Virtual Reality and Augmented RealityImmersive technologies are redefining the way we interact with digital entertainment. It is no longer just about consuming content, but also about fully submerge in it.

Next, let's take a look at the The most important types of entertainment within the digital leisure trend.


Social networks have become one of the fundamental pillars of digital entertainment, offering a platform where users can consume, create, connect y share their interests.

A digital-social world where entertainment content is shared in real time, communities are created and a wide variety of multimedia content is accessed: photos, videos, articles, podcasts.

And even interactive games and Augmented Reality experiences developed by the brands themselves, such as the case of Adobewho did not hesitate to use the RRSS and the AR filters to promote its macro-event Adobe MAX in Los Angeles.

Streaming platforms

Streaming platforms have revolutionized digital entertainment by providing instant, on-demand access to an extensive library of audiovisual content, including movies, series, documentaries and music. This accessibility has radically changed the entertainment consumption habits

These platforms have driven the original content productionThe company is diversifying the options available and proposing a personalized, user-centered consumption model.

A consumption of multimedia content that can be made through screens or through immersive Virtual Reality experiencesas in the case of KAI XR Platformthe VR streaming platform focused on educational content for children.

Video games

Video games have grown exponentially thanks to the Internet, the development of high-definition graphics, Virtual Reality and global connectivity, offering increasingly immersive and accessible worlds.

In addition, video games are increasingly focused on creating experiences in which players can socialize, collaborate, and compete, creating a sense of belonging that goes beyond the game itself.

This sense of belonging generated by video games can also be exploited at the corporate level, as in the case of the Foster Hollywood's virtual escape room, The Other Sidefor the scariest night of the year. A immersive mobile experience in which users have a mission: to prevent zombies from crossing the border between the virtual world and the real world.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality is a before and after in the way in which we consume multimedia content, where the immersion in the action makes the fourth wall disappear to immerse us inside the entertainment universe.

A change that becomes a reality, moreover, because it involves all of our body, movements and senses. VR glasses and other haptic devices make the experience much more realistic, allowing you to create new and amazing adventures. As in The Twists and Turns of Lifethe audiovisual production of VidaCaixa y Movistar Plus which becomes the first Spanish filming in the Metaverse. In addition, viewers can join the experience and enjoy exclusive content and challenges.

Augmented Reality

The new era of digital leisure and entertainment is not only about replacing face-to-face with virtual. It is also about completely revolutionize the actual experience.

Thus, thanks to the Augmented Realitythe user has more control and information about the show you are watching live. You can choose new angles from which to enjoy the event, see all kinds of additional information overlaid and even enjoy a much more immersive show by being able to add special effects and animated characters as if they were actually there.

As in the Connected Artwhere culture, art and leisure come together thanks to technology. Thanks to the AR website you will be able to discover great experiences in the different Commercial Strolls of Zaragoza.

Phygital experiences

The concept of phygital, the fusion of the physical and the digitalis also transforming digital entertainment by combining the advantages of the online world with the close relationship with the user. that is achieved in face-to-face experiences.

The phygital leisure not only enriches the user-content interaction, but also strengthens the emotional connection and consumer engagement, creating a new paradigm in how we experience entertainment.

An example of the phygital potential can be found in the Frozen Emotion immersive experiencewhere, by combining the Virtual Reality with the physical bridge, the users feel the adrenaline to cross a bridge high in the mountains and ski down.

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Benefits of digital entertainment

Throughout this article we have been learning about some of the advantages and benefits offered by digital entertainment, both to companies in the entertainment sector and to the business world in general. In this section we would like to summarize the 6 main benefits of digital entertainment:

  • Emotional connection. Digital entertainment allows companies to develop immersive, unique and personalized experiences that generate a strong emotional connection with users. Encouraging brand engagement with interactive and entertaining content.
  • Differentiation. In a market saturated with stimuli, innovative digital entertainment offers companies the opportunity to stand out from their competitors. Creating unique digital content, developing novel technological experiences. All to capture the consumer's attention and reinforce the brand image.
  • Positive impact. In this type of immersive experiences, it is the user who takes the initiative to connect with the brand, which makes digital entertainment one of the main pull marketing strategies. The target audience is proactive and experiences this type of actions as a form of entertainment, not as an intrusion, generating a great positive impact on the consumer's mind.
  • Increased creativity. Digital leisure invites creativity within the company and also outside, with marketing and advertising campaigns that make a difference and generate impact on the target audience. It also allows to explore new ways of interacting with customers.
  • Omnichannel. Digital entertainment facilitates the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, allowing companies to interact with consumers across multiple platforms and devices in a consistent and seamless manner. Whether through mobile apps, social media, or extended reality experiences, digital entertainment ensures that a brand's message effectively reaches a wide audience, regardless of the channel they prefer.
  • Gamification. The Gamification uses game mechanics to improve user engagement and motivation. By applying these principles to their products/services, marketing campaigns and digital entertainment experiences, companies can significantly improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

The future of digital entertainment

The future of digital entertainment is immersion. By immersion and by the further integration of advanced technologies as the Artificial Intelligencethe Mixed Reality and Big Data, pushing the boundaries of the entertainment experience.

Another key point is the content customizationadapting digital entertainment to the tastes of each user. Creating experiences that can even change and adapt according to the experience that each individual wants to live. 

In addition, digital entertainment and leisure is expected to spread to other sectors. Through the gamificationsectors, such as education and healthcare, will leverage digital entertainment to improve student learning and patient treatment.

On the other hand, the global connectivity and internet speed improvementsThe new technologies, such as 5G, will facilitate richer and more accessible digital entertainment experiences, democratizing access to digital entertainment.

Imascono de ocio digital relevant projects

Digital leisure is born from the commitment to the technology, the digital world and entertainment. Three key points that open a wide range of possibilities to connect with users and take fun to the next level. Throughout the article we have seen some examples, but here we want to show you the most surprising proposals for digital entertainment:

  • Digital leisure is also present in culture and museumsThe best example? The commitment to technology and the immersive experiences of the Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor. A series of technological installations where the interaction, the use of the latest technologies and the connection with the visitors stand out.
  • Another example of digital entertainment and leisure projects is the Augmented Reality Gymkhana developed by Lacasitos. An AR game designed for the smallest of the house, in which children have to catch their favorite characters in the streets of their city.
  • Digital leisure also reaches the more business-oriented sectors such as banking.. Seeking to strengthen the connection with the brand, Ibercaja has opted for the remodeling and digital transformation. of its headquarters. With a new Xplora Space that changes the perception of your company, proposes new activities and, thanks to technology, connects users with the products, services and new brand image.
  • A example of the link between digital leisure and phygital experience that stands out for its creativity, originality, innovation and awards is the immersive Disney and Star Wars experience. Where users, passing by the AR showcase, instantly became one of their favorite characters from the science fiction saga.
  • Another Disney interactive attraction is the Marvel Augmented Reality photocall. A promotional and marketing action for their movie Thor Ragnarok in which superhero fans felt like protagonists in the world of Asgard.


Undoubtedly, if there is one thing that all these digital leisure and entertainment projects have in common, it is that the user is at the heart of the experience. Different proposals in which from Imascono we have contributed our knowledge, creativity and know-how of new cutting-edge technologies.

With more than 12 years in businessWith a team of more than 30 engineers and designers, and thanks to our proprietary methodology, we accompany you throughout the entire process of creating this type of surprising experiences, from conceptualization to implementation.

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