Phygital as a new dimension in user experience

April 12, 2024 admin

The physical and digital worlds have never been more interconnected. Now, the offline and online merge, in a single new user experience strategy known as phygital.

Its importance is vital for all sectors, especially in marketing, entertainment and retail, where the bet for putting the customer at the center, generate emotional connection, engagement and loyalty, comes to life, both in physical spaces and in the virtual universe.

In this article we will take a closer look at this trend, to know the most representative phygital projects in different sectors and discover its full transformative potential and innovative in the business world. Undoubtedly, we are witnessing the birth of a new dimension in the Customer Experience.

What is phygital?

Before knowing the benefits and main success stories of the implementation of the phygital strategy in companies, it is important to review what this trend consists of. It refers to the union of the physical and digital worldsby merging the two words physical y digital.

The phygital projects seek to incorporating digital functionalities into the physical user experiencea process that integrates both worlds to:

  • Create a shopping experience comfortable, autonomous and hybrid.
  • Surprise users with innovative, fun and attractive proposals that change the way people see stores and physical spaces.
  • To provide technology to the physical spaces of companies. Taking a step in the digital transformation and in the interaction with users.

The phygital trend is the natural path for businesses looking to adapt to the new behaviors and consumer demands, focusing on the omnichannel strategy. Where the attendance, immediacy y proximity of face-to-face actions is combined with the latest advances in the digital world in terms of personalization, gamification and measurement through dashboards. All this so that the essence of the brand reaches users in a totally innovative, entertaining and fun way.

Main elements of the phygital experience

The union between the digital world and the real world can unfold in many ways, but the goal is clear: consumers want to to keep the best of the traditional physical stores and the new proposals of the digital channels.

The combination of both proposals is the phygital experienceThe final strategy depends on the type of user of each company, but in general, it has the following main elements:

Extended Reality

Extended Reality is the great union of all immersive technologies in which the real and digital worlds complement each other. Through the Augmented Reality and Virtual Realitycompanies can go beyond the physical boundaries, offering unique experiences to users/customers that connect them emotionally with the essence of the brand. 

Thanks to the most innovative proposals of the DOOH marketing (digital out of home), such as Ecoalf's campaign, or AR games such as the mobile experience of Lacasitos. Inside its famous tubes were hidden funny characters that came to life in the real world through its App.

Digital displays

The digital displays have become a fundamental piece in the implementation of showrooms, pop-ups, stores and innovative and technological physical spaces.

However, beyond the hardware, the phygital trend also focuses on content. In the development of experiences, animations, special effects, gamified challenges and photocalls, users are immersed in a completely new and virtual world that is created around them.

Innovative actions with great emotional impact, as in the interactive showcase developed in partnership with Disney and El Corte Inglés to promote one of the latest films in the Star Wars saga. Where fans, when passing in front of the glass, are automatically transformed into characters of the story.


The Augmented RealityThe creativity and fun of these interactive experiences have a place even in the most businesslike environments, thanks to the use of the gamification as a way to connect with users/customers. A different way to present the company's image and generate a positive memory that translates into notoriety, positioning and future commercial sales. 

You can learn more about it thanks to our post: Augmented Reality in advertising with interactive content.

3 benefits of the phygital experience

The phygital trend is a real breakthrough for companies towards the digital transformation of their business models y value proposals. Benefits that can be summarized as follows:

1. Increased reach and return on investment

Phygital experiences provide companies with a unique opportunity to reach out to much larger audience.

By integrating both online and offline channels into a single shopping experience, you can increases number of interactions and customer engagement. They are the ones who actively personalize their experience with the brand, tailoring it to their needs, which fosters both connection with the company and satisfaction.

This personalization when it comes to connecting with the brand and the commitment to phygital technological experiences can be seen in the Movistar Plus Flagship Storeswhere, for the first time, users can enjoy their favorite series and programs, such as La Resistencia, Paraíso or Reyes de la noche, in person.

2. Implementation of omnichannel strategies

The incorporation of the phygital trend represents the definitive step of the omnichannel strategy, where the digital world definitively reaches the physical space.

AR showcases, virtual fitting rooms that recommend complete looks, consultation and shopping totems throughout the physical store. And even, discounts scattered throughout the space to catch through the webapp o Interactive photocalls that gamify the user's visit.

A new innovative customer journey that transforms stores and even large shopping malls as in La Torre Outletthe Spain's most digitized shopping center that combines the latest cutting-edge technologies into a single strategy and customer experience.

3. Boost the connection with the brand

Phygital experiences seek to increase participation and emotional connection of customers with the brand. It boosts user engagement and interaction, making their spaces more attractive, merging the online and offline strategies of companies thanks to technology.

A goal that goes beyond the retail sector, even reaching the banking sector. As in the case of Ibercajawhich has opted for the remodeling and digital transformation of its headquarters. With a new Xplora Space that changes the perception of your company, proposes new activities and, thanks to technology, connects users with the products, services and new brand image.

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The future of phygital in user experience

The future of the phygital trend in the business world promises to continue to evolve towards an even deeper integration between online and offline channels. Where the evolution of technology will also play a key role. The further development of technologies such as Augmented Reality, the Spatial Computing and the Artificial Intelligence will further enrich these hybrid experiences:

The future of phygital is, in turn, marking the future of large industries:

  • Phygital in retail: this type of project manages to break down the barriers between the virtual world and the real world, also in the retail sector. Turning physical stores into a meeting point where to have fun and be surprised. A unique proposal that motivates the call effect, involving users in the promotional action, promoting brand recall and also the subsequent sale.
  • Phygital in advertising: If there is a sector where innovation, creativity and fun are key factors to connect with the audience, it is in advertising. In these areas, phygital experiences manage to positively impact the in-person audience in an effective, original and non-intrusive way, in addition to introducing in the process the analysis and metrics of digital marketing.
  • Phygital in tourism: phygital experiences can go beyond promotional actions to gamify all kinds of spaces, including the most cultural ones such as museums, monuments and different areas of tourist interest. In this type of experience, the public takes the initiative and is immersed in the 3D world created especially for them, being able to interact with all the elements and taking a final photograph as a souvenir. Thus, visitors can enter and become part of a painting, travel virtually to different cities and countries and even take a picture with Rafa Nadal as a finishing touch to end the visit to its spectacular Rafa Nadal Museum in Manacor.

Imascono phygital projects

The phygital trend is more present than ever in the strategies of our companies. The physical world is becoming richer, thanks to technology, and is proposing new and surprising innovative proposalsThe new website, with animations, special effects and interactive content, attracts all eyes and connects with users.

In the following, in addition to the examples that have been shared in the previous sections, we will focus on the following examples most important phygital success stories.

  • On the occasion of the release of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel y Disney sought to develop a phygital experience to take the storytelling of the film beyond the screens. The result was a Interactive Augmented Reality Photocallwhere, in addition to feeling like the god of Thunder, all the spectators took home a printed photograph as a souvenir.
  • The phygital experiences have also reached the hotel and restaurant sector, being Smoky from Nola Smoke its great success story. Through virtual avatarsThrough the use of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Holograms and Augmented Reality, the space is digitized, from the entrance to the collection of orders. Everything to offer a unique, differential and fun experience to burger lovers.
  • An example of a phygital project in the public sector can be found in the commitment to the immersive and interactive experiences through the streets of Zaragoza. With Connected Artframed in the smart city project Paseos Comerciales, the streets of the city come to life through Augmented Reality. Showing the history, culture and art of the different areas of Zaragoza thanks to technology.

The virtual universe is becoming more and more present in our daily lives, and the digital transformation of companies marks the present and future of the business world.

Disney, Telefónica, Star Wars, Marvel, Ecoalf, Lacasitos... there are many brands that rely on Imascono to transform the engagement, emotional connection and customer experience that they propose in their commercial actions.

With more than 12 years of experience in the development of amazing phygital projects, our team of engineers and designers will be happy to help you take the next big step in the digitization of your company.

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