Digital membership: definition and main advantages

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A membership or subscription service is a business model in which exclusive products, experiences, services and/or benefits of high value for customers are offered. The communication, interaction and loyalty of membership offers a new way to experience the connection with the company, its values and value propositions.

In this article, we go one step further to delve into the digital membership u online. Where these benefits are managed through a web-based platform or even through virtual spacesimplementing the latest technologies in the field of Metaverse, Extended Reality y virtual twins

As a success story, we will analyze the digital membership launched by the travelers' club Exclusive Traveler Clubmanaged through its Exclusiverse. But first:

What is a digital membership?

A membership, based on its definition, is a distinction received by a customer or user from an organization in exchange for privileges, benefits or special services targeted to a specific and segmented group of customers/users.

Taken to the online world, a digital membership management of these benefits and exclusive contents in webapps and other online platforms. Where it improves communication and brand-user relationship and customers can access the advantages and benefits from the digital world.

It is one of the most profitable types of online business today. It is also one of the most widespread, so you need to know how to differentiate and offer unique and attractive experiences to the members of the membership is key to stand out from the competition. Where it is not only important the what, the services, experiences and products offered, it is also important the how.

This is where the Extended Reality, blockchain technology and virtual worlds play a key role in the relationship and interaction with the users, offering virtual spaces on exclusive websites. A Metaverse in which to foster loyalty and engagement with the brand.

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Main advantages of a digital membership

A membership, both digital and traditional, offers a unique opportunity to maintain a close and direct contact with customers.

For customizing products/services, shopping experience and customer service. In addition to previewing upcoming releases and offering exclusive benefits to users as members of the community.

In addition to these key aspects, a digital membership offers many other advantages for the companies that implement them. These are the main advantages:

Exponential growth

The integration of digital memberships is a exponential growth both in terms of community members, customers and business benefits.

Manage memberships online facilitates the way in which users discover, join and interact with other members.

Increased communication with customers

Digital memberships, especially when managed on an active online platform, facilitate communication between the organization and customers. Users can connect with the brand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year online. They can discover the latest announcements and benefits through their profile and, in addition, have a two-way and flexible communication with the brand. 

If complemented by the Artificial Intelligencethis customer service is customized according to your specific questions and needs. Through AI avatarsIn this way, customer service becomes more proactive, leading conversations and fostering a closer and more natural relationship with the company. Thus, the customer/user is an active part of their membership and is aware of all its advantages.

Loyalty of the membership community

Subscription-based or membership-based models seek to customer loyalty while segmenting and segmenting customers.This allows us to offer them better content and personalized packages according to their tastes and needs. If, in addition, membership is accompanied by activities, events and virtual spaces in which to socialize, customers are linked to the community of members. Fostering the connection both with the brand and with the rest of the users.

Exclusive brand space

If you have a digital membership, why not have a digital space for members? The latest developments in 3D web spaces and virtual twins offer a unique opportunity for companies to create virtual worlds in which they can expand the engagement y connection with users. Spaces whose architecture and interactions represent the idiosyncrasy and values of the brand.

Exclusive spaces in which to organize events, talks, networking, showrooms and even training. Where users can customize your avatar, have your profile and access all information about your membership and the club.

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Innovation of digital membership in tourism: Exclusiverse case study

Memberships or subscription programs are present in a multitude of sectorsbut undoubtedly, one in which you will be membership The most value added is in the tourism sector.

Membership in a travelers' club offers multiple benefits and exclusive member experiences. For tourism companies, it is a way of building user loyalty, as well as taking the travel experience to new levels of personalization beyond their stay and trip, revolutionizing the before, during and after.

This is the case of Exclusive Traveler ClubThe world's No. 1 travel club that offers its more than 80,000 members the opportunity to live exclusive experiences, stay in the best hotels around the world and have access to a whole list of tourism and leisure services specially designed for the Club.

Now, the traveler's club is going one step further to incorporate the digital membership on its new platform for Exclusiverse partners. Because, when the member is not traveling, how does he or she connect with the club?

Members are from different parts of the world and in the virtual world. Exclusiverse find the space to interact with other membersThe members will be able to attend exclusive events, learn about the latest news of their membership and the showroom of all categories of members with their respective benefits. Living a different booking experience, with a space and content prepared just for them.

Digital Membership through Extended Reality

Exclusiverse is a pioneering platform for Exclusive Traveler Club members which is based on the latest Extended Reality technologies, blockchain and virtual worlds of the Metaverse.

Their contribution to enriching the club's digital membership can be summarized as follows three key points:


Undoubtedly, one of the great changes that this virtual platform offers is that digital membership itself evolves adding the gamification to the club members' experience. Through challenges and activities, members and users of the 3D web space can enrich their membership with new benefits and extra advantages. 

These challenges are also open to non-members visiting the Exclusiverse public area, by informing them of all membership categories. Through the platform, they are invited to join the club, making the space itself a new channel of diffusion to reach new users.

Blockchain and web3

You are at digital memberships and their internal management are based on the revolutionary blockchain technology. A digital blockchain that protects each member's information and can be updated with each action performed by the user within the platform.

Like acquiring extra benefits for your digital membership, the complete gamified challenges or make use of the virtual currency in the Exclusiverse store. and booking of travel experiences.

Virtual spaces

With platforms such as Exclusiverse, the travel experience goes beyond the airplane and the hotel stay. The before and after takes on greater weight thanks to technology.

With the development of interactive and multi-user spaces the community of members is strengthened and the relationship with the company. They are virtual spaces where you can share your travel experiences, continue to enjoy the VR activities and where you can encourage the loyalty through exclusive content, discounts, events and unlocking new interactive experiences.

In addition, the tendency of the "try before you buy".The hotel's digital twin, projecting what the travel experience will be like: touring the hotel's facilities yourself through its digital twin, trying out in Virtual Reality activities that can be booked or travel virtually to the most exotic destinations offered by the club. All this to encourage the booking and that the trip itself starts from home.

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Exclusiverse is a real case of success in the development of virtual spaces to enrich and further enhance digital membership. A digital world that can be considered for all types of companies and sectors, representing a new way of interaction and communication with users/customers.

At Imascono we know that the brand-customer relationship is key in today's world and will be in the future as well. With more than 12 years of experience in the development of amazing projects focused on the Metaverse, Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligenceour team of engineers and designers will be happy to help you with the following to empower your digital membership in the new virtual context. Contact with us and take your membership to the next level.


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