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KIMCHI! Star Wars

Interactive Augmented Reality showcase to promote Star Wars in El Corte Inglés (Madrid).




Augmented Reality

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DOOH Award Nominated Project

Through an Augmented Reality experience we managed to multiply the attention on one of the best located shop windows in Madrid. Users, when passing in front of the glass, were automatically transformed into one of the protagonists of the Star Wars saga. A project acclaimed by the public and nominated for different outdoor advertising awards. At Imascono we developed the entire Augmented Reality experience. The creative idea and production corresponds to AndTonic.

A great point-of-sale activation that keeps us as a reference in technological innovation.

Inés Ybáñez / Head of Retail Marketing (Disney)

  • 18.457 people wore helmets of the Empire
  • 73.243 captured smiles
  • 89.011 midichlorians detected

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