Generative Artificial Intelligence: definition and main applications

June 21, 2024 admin

If there is one trend and one area of development that has revolutionized the entire technology sector, it is the Generative Artificial Intelligence

Until not so long ago, it was a term unknown to the general public. Now, it is the basis of many companies, business models, creative departments and marketing campaigns. The Generative AI has transformed the way we understand and interact with technology.. This is undoubtedly one of the most promising branches of Artificial Intelligence today.

In essence, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is capable of generating texts, images, videos, music, code... All starting from a few previous contents, a basic training and a prompts or specific instructions that help to generate a customized and adapted response to the needs.

In today's article we will take an in-depth look at what Generative AI is all about and we will see in detail what it is all about. main applications and examples in different business areasWe have a wide range of expertise, from the marketing and customer service departments to product innovation and development.

What is Generative AI?

To the question about what is Generative Artificial Intelligence, we could say that it is the technology that is transforming the world of creativity and innovation. Two points that, until now, were reserved for human intelligence.

Using models of advanced machine learningGenerative AI can create new and original content, from text to music to images, from existing prompts and data.

This type of AI not only replicates learned patterns, but can also innovate and produce unique results, making it especially valuable for businesses. Not only for to optimize processes and reduce costs; also to broaden horizons, make more data-driven decisionsto unleash creative potential and push ideas beyond traditional boundaries.

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The Artificial Intelligence in companies is radically changing the way we approach our methodologies and strategies. However, it is important to note that AI tools are still in the process of being developed. adaptation to the specific needs of companiesbeyond general solutions.

Businesses need Artificial Intelligence to meet the needs of their customers. data protection y securityThe company's own communication, image and commercial discourse, and that offer high value and high quality results.

Benefits of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way we work by increasing our analytical, information seeking, effectiveness and creative innovation capabilities. Welcoming the new era of the augmented worker.

What makes it a essential tool to enhance growth and the digital transformation of companies. The main benefits of Generative AI include:

Content creation

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is revolutionizing the way businesses, and users themselves, create and manage content. By leveraging the most advanced machine learning models, Generative AI makes it possible to create high-quality text, images, music, video and even code with unprecedented accuracy.

All of this content creation is based on the pre-existing data and content with which the AI has been trained.. Linguistic rules, grammar, visual pattern recognition... Using models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) or GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks), the AI predicts the next word or the next pixel based on the above.

This is achieved by calculating the probabilities of each possible next content and choosing the most probable one.

2. Increased innovation

Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages that Generative Artificial Intelligence offers us is the capacity of start to innovate, to create, beyond the "blank sheet of paper"..

Now we can ask the Generative AI to propose all kinds of ideas, to do prototyping tests in seconds, to give us a second opinion, to propose possible scenarios, to simulate future scenarios or to generate supporting images. Everything for optimize the creative process and broaden our horizons.

On the other hand, Generative AI enables us to automate repetitive tasksfreeing up our team's time to concentrate on more strategic, creative and experimental activities.

Data management and generation

At present, the Big Data has become one of the main technologies for companies.. The management of all data and information generated at corporate level and its subsequent analysis is one of the critical points for decision making and business evolution. Here, Generative Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough in speed and efficiency.

Generative AI allows collect a large volume of information sources at a single point, from which summaries, reports, infographics and simulations can be produced in a matter of seconds.

A data management that can even be performed from agents and/or virtual avatars that facilitate access to this information in a natural and humanized way. As in the case of V-E-G-Aa virtual avatar that acts as a tutor to solve doubts about the new technologies of the company. Extended RealityMetaverse, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Computing.

If you want to learn more about our Metaverse service for companiesit's time.

4. Customization

Applying Generative Artificial Intelligence in the day-to-day business of companies makes it possible to reach new levels of customization in customer service and the generation of marketing and advertising campaigns.

It allows to analyze large volumes of user data and to generate content tailored to your preferencesDynamic pricing strategy in real time, product recommendations, personalized messages and virtual assistants in customer service.

As a result, companies have the option to deliver highly relevant interactions and offers, increasing customer satisfaction and improving loyalty. In addition, the Generative AI adjusts content in real time, ensuring that each user receives information and products that are of real interest to them.

Main applications of Generative AI

Generative AI is here to stay in the business world. It is time to analyze its possibilities and rethink our strategies in order to focus on how to integrate the great benefits of AI in our day-to-day business. 

Next, we will look at the key applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence in companies:

Customer Experience and Marketing

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we are entering a new phase in the new era of customer experience. Customers are looking for greater immediacy and personalization, they are increasingly informed and their expectations of the service/product are growing.

Generative AI allows hyper-personalize the experience, drive self-service and generate specific content based on each individual user.

In addition, chatbots and virtual assistants with AI more natural and contextually appropriate responses, significantly improving the customer service. As in the case of Cervantes IAthe virtual avatar of Miguel de Cervantes who acts as a tour guide of Castilla la Mancha, in addition to resolving all doubts about his works and his own life. A unique experience in the tourism sector.

Productivity and business management

The use of Generative AI in companies represents a great potential for productivity improvement. This new technology enables the automation of manual and repetitive tasks that are not key to the business. In this way, workers can focus their efforts on strategic, creative and value-adding tasks. 

In addition, Generative AI equips personnel with new tools and supports, the increased worker. Trainings, simulations Virtual TrainingThe company's information, assistance in decision making and quick access to company and customer information.

All to improve customer service and productivity. These are advantages that not only benefit human resources, but also the company's machinery management and automationgoing a step further in scaling, precision and even industrial maintenance.

Innovation and creativity. New products.

Today's market, regardless of the sector and type of company, requires us to have a vision of constant and open innovation. Both by the introduction of new technologies and the evolution of the public and market itself. Therefore, Generative Artificial Intelligence has become a tool to be taken into account to boost innovation and creativity in companies.

The Generative AI serves as a source of inspiration providing new ideas and concepts by generating multiple design variations and innovative solutions.

In the trial and error processGenerative Artificial Intelligence allows for rapid experimentation with different prototypes and adjusting designs in real time, improving efficiency and reducing development times. It also presents itself as a value proposition, as it can be integrated into final products, offering advanced and customized functionalities that appeal to users. 

In addition, Generative AI opens the door to new businesses and services by creating opportunities for products and solutions that did not previously exist, transforming markets such as tourism. An example of this can be found in Ciceronethe Generative Artificial Intelligence robot from iUrban who is able to manage a travel agency in 95 languages on his own.

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Our Generative Artificial Intelligence projects: V-E-G-A

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just the future, but also the present of the technology sector.. It has become one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century and yet we still do not have a complete picture of its full potential.

What we do know from Imascono is that the Generative Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business world. Opening up new possibilities in terms of productivity, efficiency, communication and customer experience.

It is at this last point where V-E-G-Aour virtual avatar powered by Generative AIis changing the business paradigm.

The Artificial Intelligence becomes humanizedmaking human-machine interaction between users and brands more accessible and natural. AI avatars are the new virtual members of companies, revolutionizing customer service in the digital world.

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