Project in which the streets of Zaragoza come to life thanks to Augmented Reality.
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Urban art and new creative technologies come together to boost the city's Connected Art.

The streets of Zaragoza come to life thanks to Augmented Reality. Urban art and new creative technologies come together in Imascono's latest project to promote Connected Art in the city. Unique experiences where the culture, history and art of the different walks connect with all visitors to the capital.

Catch bubbles of dreams, immerse yourself in the history of an old train, meet the superheroes of Zaragoza and enjoy the diversity of cultures of the Aragonese capital. Discover a new Zaragoza in three dimensions just by pointing to the QR of the different graffiti.

Arte Conectado is part of the first phase of the Commercial Walks of Zaragoza. The great project of revitalization of local commerce promoted by the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce to enhance the attractiveness and digitization of the different commercial areas.

Working with Imascono has been a real pleasure since we have always had the predisposition, creativity, energy and performance of the whole team to carry out each of the performances.


1/ Cultural Masks

The neighborhood of Delicias is one of the largest and most multicultural in Zaragoza. Seeking to reflect its diversity and dynamism we developed this interactive experience in Augmented Reality, in which there is no lack of music or cultural references to the various traditions and cultures that coexist in the city.

2/ Historic Train

Discovering Zaragoza's historical past has never been so much fun, or so immersive! Thanks to Augmented Reality it is possible to cross the doors of one of the old trains that used to run through the streets of the city decades ago. A unique and attractive way to immerse yourself in history and learn about the past of the Railway in Zaragoza.

3/ Neighborhood Heroes

The essence of a neighborhood is found in its people. Thus, thanks to this augmented experience, it is possible to meet the great professionals, artists, athletes and scientists of the area. People who stand out in areas as diverse as culture, science, gastronomy or sport. By simply pointing to the QR of the graffiti, it is possible to discover the heroes of the neighborhood!

4/ Catch your Dreams

Digital gamification comes to the streets of Zaragoza thanks to the launch of the Augmented Reality game "Catch your dreams" A game in which the Connected Art comes to life where dream bubbles arise around us. Do you dare to catch as many dreams as you can?

5/ Block breaker

Learning while playing is possible thanks to Augmented Reality. Aiming to show the past of the Barrio de Torrero, we have developed a whole interactive experience in Augmented Reality. Meet the "Cantero de Torrero" and help our protagonist to overcome the different levels of the game.


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