The influence of Augmented Reality in hotels

June 7, 2024 admin

The tourism sector is going through an exciting time. The latest technological advances are introducing new ways of interacting with users, creating new travel experiences and generating new business models within the travel sector. 

In all this digital transformation of tourism, the hotel sector is playing a key role. Offering guests new ways to experience their stay in hotels and in the surrounding tourist destination. From virtual tours to instant translationsThe hotel's services include butlers equipped with Artificial Intelligence and personalized webapps where customers can customize all hotel products and services.

In today's article we will analyze in detail the technological advances that we are experiencing in the tourism sector and specifically in hotels, delving into the influence of Augmented Reality and the rest of the immersive technologies that accompany it.

Virtual tourism: digitization of hotels through new technologies

We are currently witnessing the digital transformation of tourism. From hotels to museums, travel agencies to theme parks, the industry is undergoing a major transformation. technological revolution. Different experiences and technologies applied to the tourism sector that fall under the Virtual Tourism trend.

From boosting sales through the try before you buy with experiences of Extended Reality, visiting places from the past o inaccessible tourist destinations thanks to Virtual Reality.

To be able to count on AI avatars or personalized guides to accompany you throughout your stay, or fostering the online community of a travelers' club. As in Exclusiversethe virtual space of the world's No. 1 traveler club Exclusive Traveler Club.

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Focusing on the hospitality industry, virtual tourism and the digitization of hotels allows you to create more accessible and personalized experiences for guests. Transforming the journey in the three key moments: before, during and after the hotel stay.

  • Hotels can make use of these new technologies to reach a much larger number of users through a innovative and differentiated shopping experience. You can tour the facilities prior to your stay by means of the digital virtual cufflinks and even testing the different activities available. Generating hype y cross-sellingemotional connection and engagement with users.
  • During the stay, new technologies make it possible to automate and customize all hotel services. Being able to create apps for each user where they manage all the details of their rooms and activities: from special requests to room layout, to activity schedules and restaurant reservations. Where they can even have their own Artificial Intelligence guide / butler. who attends to their queries and makes recommendations. An example of these new tour guides can be found in the avatar IA of Miguel de Cervantes.
  • But guest interaction doesn't have to end after the hotel stay. Thanks to new technologies digital memberships and the club loyaltyhotel companies can continue to maintain interaction with your guest community through its own virtual spaces. 3D spaces where you can hold events, talks, launch new products and create a space for networking and community among its users.

Importance and impact of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the hotel industry

The Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two of the technologies with the highest impact they are having on the hotel industry. Allowing to transform the way guests get to know the hotel and its facilities, enjoy their stay and visit the tourist destination. 

The importance of these immersive technologies lies in the ability it offers hotels to interact with users..

Through the Virtual Reality for companiesfor example, allows potential customers to perform virtual tours of the hotel facilitiesThe hotel's immersive tour can be key to booking, highlighting its services and improving the overall perception of the hotel with more attractive and interactive marketing actions. Marketing actions such as the one carried out by Ibercaja SKI Pyrenees with the Frozen Emotion VR experience where users could test their skiing skills.

Augmented Reality, on the other hand, enriches the guest's stay. by providing layers of interactive information about hotel services directly through their mobile devices.

This technology not only improve the customer experience by making it more informative and entertaining, but also offers hotels a new way to communicate and build customer loyalty.

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How to use Augmented Reality in hotels

Augmented Reality is the technology capable of combining the real world with the digital world, superimposing virtual elements on the reality itself. Thanks to this immersive technology, the real and virtual environments intermingle, creating interactive experiences accessible from several devices at the same time: from cell phones and tablets to Augmented Reality glasses.

Let us now take a closer look how to apply Augmented Reality to the hotel experience.


The gamification is, undoubtedly, one of the major points when incorporating Augmented Reality into our customer experience. This trend allows us to add a playful and interactive element that enriches the guests' stay.

Through challenges and pointing with the cell phone, we invite users to participate and get involved with the hotelThe company's employees are invited to tour the facilities, complete challenges and collect rewards that can be redeemed for prizes, discounts or exclusive experiences. 

Thus, the hotel can create Augmented Reality gymkhanas that appeal to smaller (and not so small) guests.

Augmented hotel environments

The combination of digital elements with the actual hotel space allows enriching the guest experience with fully integrated hotels. Combining new technologies such as IoT y Augmented RealityIn addition, users can access a variety of information in real time. 

AR technology allows hotels to offer a more personalized and engaging experience that can be adapted to the needs and preferences of each guest. From displaying Augmented Reality directions to guide you through the facilities, simultaneous translations or even enjoying more entertaining interactive experiences, such as discovering animated characters or art that comes to life in 3D.

Interactive hotel rooms

By utilizing Augmented Reality, hotels can superimpose digital elements directly into the physical environment of the room, such as detailed information about the artwork, interactive instructions for using technological devices such as smart TVs or climate control systems, and even options for personalizing the environment.

Machine Translation

In hotels, Augmented Reality (AR) is beginning to be used to facilitate automatic translations and overcome language barriers, significantly improving the accessibility for international guests.

Through the use of AR applications combined with the capabilities of the Artificial IntelligenceIn addition, guests can point their cameras at menus, signage, information brochures or any printed text inside the hotel to instantly see the translation in their native language on the screen of their device.

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Relevant projects of Augmented Reality in hotels

At Imascono we know how important it is for the tourism sector to be in constant evolution. The tourism industry, and the hotel industry, is based on experiences.. To ensure that guests, who are increasingly demanding and informed, enjoy and are surprised by their hotel stays. 

Therefore, technology, and more specifically, Augmented Reality, allows hotels to follow innovating and digitally transforming its services, facilities and activities.

With more than 12 years of experience in the development of amazing projects focused on the Augmented Reality for companies, our team of engineers and designers will be happy to help you enhance your hotel in the context of new immersive technologies. Contact with us and take your hotel facilities to the next level.


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