The phygital revolution reaches the banking sector.
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Can you imagine what Zaragoza will be like in the future and what it will be like to dive into the Ebro River?

Ibercaja presents the new space Ibercaja XploraA space where innovation, technology and social responsibility converge. You can dive into the Ebro River and even cross the Portal of Time to travel to the past - and the future!

A meeting point where citizens can enjoy our innovations in Augmented Reality y Virtual Reality.

It is fortunate to have the confidence and courage of great clients who reinforce us creatively to conceptualize authentic works of art like this one.


1/ Xcaparate Zone

Introducing the most important digital corner of Zaragoza, with 36 m2 outdoor led canvas squares next to another 27 m screen.2 in the interior. The Mixed Reality experiences are updated with different themes throughout the year.

All thanks to Ibercaja's technological commitment and the latest innovations in Augmented Reality in our gamified experiences Kimchi!

2/ Xperience Zone

Immersive experience in which visitors can "travel back in time" to see what the Plaza de Ibercaja was like in the 19th century, in the 1970s or even in the future.

Crossing the arch that represents the "Virtual Portal", the user enters an impressive Virtual Reality experience.

3/ Frozen Emotion

Phygital experience of Virtual Reality "Frozen" with which you can climb to the top of a snowy mountain, cross a walkway in a blizzard and ski down.

4/ WebApp

WebApp in which you can experience "time travel" from anywhere. Simply with a mobile device and directly via web browser.

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