We present an "extended" visit to the Zaragoza Aquarium.
  • Device

    Apple Vision PRO

  • Technologies

    Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

  • Sector

    Tourism & Leisure

Discover a new world: discover Spatial Computing.

Project that combines the best of Mixed Reality together with a Hyper-realistic 3D Virtual Avatar equipped with Generative Artificial Intelligence. All with the aim of extending the reality during the visit to the Aquarium of Zaragoza.

Now, more than ever, you can feel the new reality of the virtual world with the experiences we have developed: from being able to talk live with your personalized guide, see a 3D recreation of a coral reef with ammonites from more than 200 million years ago, touch a life-size elephant or travel to the center of a volcano in full eruption.  

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