Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Virtual Avatar to automate the reception of people in offices, inform visitors and promote commercial information.
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    Government of Aragon, Seico, Tourism Aragon

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    Augmented Reality

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    Tourism and Leisure

Interactivity and artificial intelligence for visitor reception.

Artificial intelligence in the form of a virtual avatar allows us to automate customer service in physical spaces and events. We improve user satisfaction and save costs for the company.

In order to offer a higher quality of service, we have improved our customer reception.


Fitur / Aragon Tourism

We have created a 3D virtual avatar so that visitors to the Aragon stand at Fitur 2021 can chat with him. Our virtual Goya offers extensive information about everything related to tourism in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. The level of interaction generated around the avatar is one of the main attractions of the stand.

SEICO Advisors

The virtual avatar is installed in the offices of Seico Asesores to receive and inform visitors. It is even programmed to make a phone call to the person receiving the visit.

Deciding on your ideas is always a winning bet.


University of Zaragoza

On the occasion of the centenary of the visit of the scientist Albert Einstein to Zaragoza in 1923, the University of Zaragoza presents, in the Paraninfo Building of Zaragoza, the exhibition "Einstein and Aragonese Science". The public will be able to talk virtually with Albert Einstein to know details of his stay in Zaragoza, his work and even his personal life and way of being.

Government of Aragon

Technological innovation at the point of sale: we present an intelligent avatar developed to interact with the consumer, resolving queries and with all the information available on Aragonese food, designations of origin and other differentiated quality figures. It has the capacity to inform about more than 200 products with videos and explanations.

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